Thursday, April 24, 2008

I just can't make up my mind!

Well we are almost done with the kitchen. We got new cabinets, new floors, and new walls. The color is called Virginia Vine however it looks like a Tuscany Green color to me. So, I would like to have new dishes. I have never had new dishes. The first set of dishes we had were from Chris' first marriage and the second set was given to us by Pat because she got new dishes. I have always wanted square plates but it doesn't matter. These are the choices I am crazy about. Any feed back would be sweet. Now that doesn't mean I will use your advice but I would like to hear your advice. (Did I mention that I really love sunflowers.) No matter what I purchase my children will still get to keep their plastic stuff so they cannot distroy my new dishes! LOL

Either way I would love to have these to hang on the wall. I could use them as trays if I needed, or they could be decoration.

These are the glasses that I LOVE. I would like to update my drinkware, and my flatware. I love the bubble glasses.


Elizabeth said... vote is for the yellow sunflower set with the square plate. I have square dishes and I love them, but they are just plain old boring white!! Oh well.....I still love them!

Amanda said...

You may love the sunflower now, but your taste may change. I can say this since my china has daisies on it. You totally need to get the brown ones and the clear bubble glasses. That would all go so well with your new kitchen.

Echo's Karen said...

I love the sunflowers - with the yellowish background - not the burnt orange ones. However, I like options. I think it would be beautiful to do half and half. I think the green and the sunflowers together would be cool if the greens were closer. I can imagine a green dinner plate with a sunflower salad plate or bowl on the side. Keeping that in mind, I think that the bubble glasses are cool because I like the colored ones but I suggest buying some clear and maybe even some green ones too. I like the wall hangings - but I have seem some others that have come to mind: Live Laugh Love. Also maybe a sunflower brown iron wall decor would be cool. I also think it would be need to get each of your children to give their version of a sunflower (using paint you provide ofcourse that matches your colors) - you can even do it all on one canvas or do it on other small ones. I would have a ball!!

gigi said...

I like the square sunflower plates they are beautiful and I've never seen them before.

Aramie Randall said...

Yes, I am for the sunflowers also. Get what you want! It's your kitchen and you do the cookin'! You might as well have plates that make you happy. Mine are very loud black and white checkered. I love them!

Beverly said...

Love the sunflowers they make me
smile just like you. Shine On

GoodyGang said...

I love the sunflower and purple flower plates. all of the colors+ lots of options. look at these too.