Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sunshine Cutie Birthday Party!!

Bethany had a Sunshine Cutie Harajuku Birthday Party today!
Happy 9th Birthday baby girl!
Can you tell how much she is loving this birthday party...

I got these little cardboard displays off ebay. They were a huge hit. I want to put them up for the next party.
We had walking tacos for lunch, and a great cake from Holloways. We also swam, and sang karaoke inside. Tons of fun!! The rain stayed away until later. Bethany said that it didn't rain because she had a private conversation with Mother Nature...LOL

Lucas, Jeffery, and Jonathon

Shelby, and Bethany

Noah, and Kelsea

My cousin Stacey is in the Navy, and she is stationed down in Jacksonville. So, they came up for the party. It was really nice to see her, and I look forward to spending more time with her and her family. This is her and her daughter Ellie.

The birthday girl Bethany...

The cutest Sunshine Cutie cake ever..

Group Picture regular
Group picture peace style
On to the presents...she really got some really great gifts this year.
Baby ZuZu

Beannie hats from Victoria, made by her Mom Lenee. If you are interested she can make them any style and any color.

This came from Aunt Amanda and her crew....Bethany is in love with this Monster High doll....I know she wants to go see the rest...just great a new something for her to obsess over...LOL
Crazy these
Thanks Aunt Amanda now she thinks she needs a cupcake to be calm...LOL
A keychain that looks like a Harajuku..She really loved this...Thanks Jonathon...
A rockstar Zuzu pet...
Her friend Jayce got her this cute peace bag...
Lucas got her this great $10.00 bill ring. He is such a rockstar...LOL

Aunt Harmony sent a package, and it arrived this morning just in time. It had cheer socks, which now she thinks she needs to be a cheerleader...LOL It also had a Dreamie sheet set. Which is silkie sheets...I know she will love them.
This is Cousin Stacey's other daughter Aspen. She is a nice girl. I look forward to getting to know more about her.
Madi loves the pool.
Bethany, and Ashely.

Jackson, Hannah, Jayce, and Jonathon

Bethany, and Victoria...I was so glad Victoria could come. She has been coming to Bethany's birthday parties since Bethany was 2 I think...How sweet. They have known each other for 7 years....

Jeffery, Katlyn, Bethany, and Christopher

Katlyn and Bethany

Bethany and Shelby

Bethany, and Kelsea

The little Neighbor girl Cricket
Jackson, Bethany, Christopher, Madi, and Tiffany

Bethany, and Emily
Now on to the Karaoke....

Jeffery thought he was a rockstar

Leah dropped by and sang. I missed her songs because I was a little busy, but I'm sure she rocked it. Doesn't she look great!!

Kelsea, and Ashley

Amanda, and Andrew

Madi loved to sing, but Amanda really wanted to sing this Taylor Swift song....LOL

So Madi got the mic, and Amanda sang as loud as she could...I loved it..

Bethany, and Ashely singing

Katlyn, and Ashely singing
All in all I think it was a great party. Bethany had a really good time with all her little friends. We really should have fun like that more often..Although I did fall asleep sitting straight up in the chair at 7:30pm that night...LOL I was just so tired I couldn't stand myself....


kathy said...

Looks like it was a really fun party! Love the Harajukus!

LC* said...

Hi there. Beautiful party. I'm having a harajuku arty in may for my daughter. Ive been on the hunt for the cardboard cutouts but no luck. Are you selling yours by any chance? PleAse email me at Thank you