Friday, August 13, 2010

Me and my friends be Jammin'

We be Jammin' on Monday
On August 9, 2010 Courtney, and I went to Amanda's house to make blueberry/blackberry jam. Look how pretty these blackberries are. I think they are the biggest ones I've ever seen.
Amanda, and I bought the blackberries from the Farmers Market, up by Atlanta.
I let the kids take some pictures of me since the adults were busy.

From afar the blueberries looked really good too, but now so much up close...LOL
Amanda and Courtney went over to Nanny's and got the blueberries. While they were there she put her order in for some jars...LOL

All in all it was a really good time with them. I can't wait to find out what the next project is going to be. It just seems like we have to really schedule something productive for us to get together, because we are always so busy. Can you believe we got like 3 and a half dozen jars of jam...WOW that's alot of jammin'
We be jammin' on Thursday...
On August 12, 2010 I invited my Karin over to teach her how to make peach jam. I don't think I taught very well. I don't think she will ever be making jam on her own, but she did say she had a good time.
Since Lysey thinks that from up above is the best angle for her it must be the best angle for everyone.....LOL

We made 16 pints of peach jam....that's alot for her very first session. The only reason we stopped is that we ran out of sure jell....
I was really worried about Karin coming to my house to make jam. I have never really had her over. Well she did stop over one time for like a minute, but I had never had her over for a visit, or anything like that. I wouldn't have a problem with her coming another time. Maybe she will want to make tomato sauce...LOL
Jam on yall!

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