Sunday, August 15, 2010

My new kitchen shelves

Look what the King my kitchen...under the window that goes into my living room. We kind of borrowed the idea from Amanda's house. You see when they were remodeling Josh had this built in shelving done for Amanda, and of course I wanted one, and so I kept telling Chris how much I loved them, and the rest is history...
I couldn't wait to fill it with jars. As you can see it is 2 pint shelves, and 2 quart shelves. Only the wide mouths fit right, which is fine by me. They are my favorite jars anyway. Also each shelf is 2 jars deep.

You can see I have left a space to put my blackberry/blueberry jam I made with Amanda and Courtney...but left at Amanda's....LOL

I have been asked if I will use these jars first? The answer for now is a big is to pretty...but reality will strike one day, and I will pull from here first for 2 reasons....
1. it will be quicker
2. I'm to lazy to walk the extra steps to get it from somewhere else...LOL
Try not to be to green with envy....just copy it in your own kitchen...LOL

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