Thursday, February 26, 2009

the jolly: stuck

the jolly: stuck
Echoeve left a comment for you

I only have 7 followers signed up, but I know I have alot of stalkers, or lurkers out there. Because of this I think I need to explain these last two posts. The are both about a blog I follow called The Jolly.

Okay, as you can see I love to follow alot of blogs. I am not good at leaving comments. I just like to read the blogs. I find them very interesting. Anyway, the real reason I don't leave comments is because they always make me seem crazy, or stalkerish, or weird. So, I just read.

I really love most of the blogs that I follow.

Well I have been following The Jolly since August 2008. I like his writing style, and I find his life very interesting. I realized at the beginning of the week that I haven't seen anything from him in awhile, and I thought at first maybe some glitch happen and I lost his site. Then he posted something. I thought 'I am going to leave him a comment.' That is when I realized you can't comment him, email him, or contact him in any way. You could however create a link on his page. I thought if I did that and left the link like a comment he would get it. However, other links are on his page but mine is not. I have tried 2 days in a row with no luck. I hate this for 2 reasons:
1 he has all these followers you would think he would want some comments some time. I mean everyone like comments right. I am a loyal fan I don't understand.

which brings me to

2 maybe he doesn't care about the people that read his blog. I mean it is his blog. I don't know him or anything. I am a lurker.

This Jolly thing just keeps getting worse and worse. Maybe I just need to stop following him. I just keep sounding more and more like a nut. So, this is it. Not one more word about The Jolly.

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gigi said...

Not a nut, just curious!