Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Face To Face:Elton John and Billy Joel

I have been excited about this concert since it was first announced. I mean really Elton John, and Billy Joel. They were performing before I was born. I have been listening to them all of my life.

At first Amanda was going to go with me, then Chris decided he wanted to go. As the concert got closer (like a week away) he makes the announcement that he doesn’t want to go. Well just great. In the end Amanda and I went together. It had been a year since the last one (Michael Buble how I miss you)
Anyway, she picked me up at 4:30pm. Yippee!
We stopped at Chili’s and ate some dinner. Yummy! The waiter referred to us as beautiful women. Okay. This night was starting off on a good note.

We thought we were going to be late but we had just enough time to park, run inside, take a quick potty break, and find our seats. We were a lot further away then I thought we would be, but that is A-O-K.

There really is so much to say about this concert. I was really not excited about the fact that this was the first show on this tour. I like to know the set list in advance and then listen the crap out of those songs. I didn’t have a set list before, but here is what they played.

[Billy Joel and Elton John]
Your Song (love)
Honesty (love)
Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me (I know but I'm not a fan)
My Life (love)
[Elton John]
Funeral for a Friend (not a fan)
Love Lies Bleeding (didn't know and don't care to)
Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) (love)
Burn Down the Mission (didn't know and don't care to)
Madman Across the Water (didn't know and don't care to)
Tiny Dancer (love)
Daniel (love)
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (love)
Rocket Man (love)
Levon (love)
I’m Still Standing (it's okay)
Crocodile Rock (love)
[Billy Joel]
Angry Young Man (didn't know and don't care to)
Movin’ Out (Love Love Love)
Allentown (good)
Zanzibar (didn't know and don't care to)
She’s Always a Woman (okay I don't think this a good "love" song)
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant (FAVORITE)
I Go to Extremes (love)
River of Dreams (love)
We Didn’t Start the Fire (love)
It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me (love)
Only the Good Die Young (love)
[Billy Joel and Elton John]
The Bitch Is Back (okay)
You May Be Right (love)
Bennie and the Jets (love)
Birthday (okay)
Back in the U.S.S.R. (okay)
Candle in the Wind (okay)
Piano Man (A great ending)

I have to say going in Amanda really wanted to hear Elton sing “I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues” Sorry Amanda they didn’t sing that one.

For me I really wanted to hear Billy Joel sing ‘Scenes from an Italian Restaurant’, and he did. I was so excited. Yippee!
Elton had alot of sound problems, and at one point I saw him mouth 'This is crap' over the big screen TV. I bet someone is in big time trouble.

I took some pictures, and some video. I didn’t know how the video would turn out so I didn’t take a lot. That is a big regret. The video turned out better then I thought and I wish I would have taken more.

The other regret I have is that we didn’t try to get closer. I am just a big chicken who doesn’t like to get in trouble. I should have at least tried. It’s not like they would have thrown us out.
This is the second concert that I have been to with Amanda. It is also the second concert that we sat beside an empty seat. So again "This One Is For You".

There was this couple in front of us that really needed to get a room. Hee Hee. She was so out of it. She knew all the words and was throwing herself around. This is a video of her. It wasn't the funniest that she was but it is an example. Hee Hee

There was this other lady that was so spastic when Billy Joel started. I never took any video of her, I wish I had. She was so funny.
There was a lady that was behind Amanda that kept bumping into the back of her head, and every time she did this she would stroke Amanda's hair. I think the lady just liked the soft, silky feel of Amanda's well groomed hair. Hee Hee.

Although I loved alot of the concert I know that Amanda, and I agree that Elton, and Billy singing 'The Piano Man' was the best. At the end of the song Elton, and Billy stopped singing, playing, and just smiled and looked around at the audience while we all sang 'Sing us a song your the piano man, sing us a song tonight we're all in the mood for a memory and you've got us feelin' alright'

I just want to say that I really loved this concert. Would I see them again? Maybe if I knew the set list before and they are singing songs I haven't heard them do live before. Now Michael Buble, I will line up everytime. Hee Hee.


gigi said...

So, so glad that Chris stayed home and let you girls go! How fun for both of you. And Chili's, isn't that a step up from Burger King. Yeah for fun good times. I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE MICHAEL BUBLE!!!

Elizabeth said...

I wish I lived closer and could be friends with you guys! You have so much fun together!!!
This looks like a fun fun night!!!