Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gingerbread Man

This happen when my daughter was in kindergarden. It was Feb. 2007

Bethany's teacher was Mrs. Gloria Borrow.

So my daughter comes home from school and says to her Dad

“Today at school we made a gingerbread man. We put him in the oven.
Then he kicked the door open and ran away.
We looked and looked for him and we couldn’t find him anywhere.”

My husband says ‘the gingerbread man isn’t real.’

My daughter says ‘no he is really real daddy I saw him’

My husband ‘he isn’t real.’

My daughter getting upset ‘no he is real. We put him in the oven and he kicked the door open.’

My husband ‘you didn’t see him kick the door open and he didn’t run.’

My daughter now crying ‘ I did see him and there were crumbs.’

So my husband calls me at work and tells me that Bethany has a story to tell me.
She gets on the phone and she’s crying and I can’t understand a word she is saying.
Then when she calms down she tells me “today at school we made a gingerbread man. We put him in the oven.
Then he kicked the door open and ran away. We looked and looked for him and we couldn’t find him anywhere.
And Daddy won’t believe me.”

My husband is laughing in the back ground. She starts yelling ‘It’s not funny I saw him. I SAW THE CRUMBS.’

I say ‘Bethany its okay. I believe you saw the gingerbread man and we’ll talk about it when I get home.’

She said ‘I couldn’t find him anywhere.’

I say ‘maybe he went to find his mommy’

She said ‘he doesn’t have a mommy we didn’t make him one’

I say ‘maybe he went to candy land to the gingerbread forest with all the other gingerbread men.’

When I get home she meets me at the door to tell me the story again.
After I asked a lot of questions I found out what happened.

The children in the class made a gingerbread man. They took him on the cookie sheet to the cafeteria.
They told the cafeteria ladies don’t open the oven door even if it smells good. Then all the children went
out to the playground to play. They went back to the kitchen to get the gingerbread man out and the oven door was open.
The children asked the cafeteria ladies where is our gingerbread man? The cafeteria lady said the gingerbread man kicked
open the oven door and ran outside. There was a trail of crumbs going out the door to outside. So they took the kids outside
to find the gingerbread man. The children looked and looked and yelled and yelled but they couldn’t find the gingerbread
man anywhere.

Bethany was really upset about not knowing were he was.
We think he may be in the gingerbread forest in candy land with all the other gingerbread men.
She really wasn’t buying into this answer until we got the game out and looked athe pictures on the
game board. Then after we talked about it for a little while she said "We really wanted to eat him." I asked her
"well if a bunch of little boys and girls wanted to eat you what would you do?" She said "I would run away to."


gigi said...

That's a great story and now you've written it down and it's part of your family history.

Ruth Ann said...

Very cute story! Thanks for sharing! My son LOVES that book, I haven't read it in awhile, I'll have to get it out and read it again!
-Ruth Ann

Lynsey said...

thats so cute. you never told me that story ha she is so cute;D