Thursday, February 12, 2009

13 things Thursday: My thoughts on Nadya Suleman

These are not in any sort of order. They are just my thoughts. If you don't know who I am talking about click on her name Nadya Suleman.

1. WIC. You know that if she is in school, and has 6 kids, and gets food stamps she qualifies for WIC. That means while she is pregnant she gets milk, eggs, cheese, peanut butter, cheese, ect. For herself. She gets formula for infants until they are 1. Then for every child between the ages of 1 and 5 she gets milk, eggs, cheese, peanut butter, cheese, ect. This is all factored in when she gets her food stamps every month.

2. Health Care. If she has no job, is in school, and there isn’t any father in the picture who is paying for all the children’s health care. Now I understand that she says in the interview that she paid for the IVF all herself. I am not talking about that. I mean they get sick and need check ups. At some point 3 of them had to see specialists to be diagnosed with ADHD, and autism. Even if she went to the health department because she didn’t have insurance and they based her health rate on her income (which is nothing) then the government is still subsiding her health care.

3. Health Care. I hate to say this one again but I need to address something else about it. Nadya has private pay membership to Kaiser; which covered her prenatal and birth care. Kaiser is submitting a bill to Med-i-Cal for the remainder care of the infants ....the estimated 1.3 million that we've heard quoted before.

4. Home. When she talks about living in her Mother’s house and paying rent, but she knows her Mother could get more rent. I wish they would have asked her more about this. Does she receive HUD assistance? If she does who pays for that? We the people do. She is talking about moving to a bigger place, but where? I mean she can barely afford what she has and she doesn’t pay what it is worth?

5. Income. The income really bothers me. She has $50000.00 in student loan debt. She has to actually pay for school with that(4 years). She states that she has been living off some disability that she gets but that has stopped. She also gets some disability for three of the kids, and she gets food stamps. There is no way that she as that many kids with that kind of debt and didn’t get any more assistance. I mean the numbers just don’t add up.

6. Doctors. I know that Doctors have to make a living and all. However, I thought that fertility people wanted to help people who couldn’t have children have children. If she really went to the same Doctor every time then that Doctor would know what was going on. Right? I don’t understand why the Doctor kept doing it?

7. Daycare. So she talks about how she was still going to school and the kids went to the daycare at the University. Well you know that the daycare wasn’t included in the tuition so who paid for that. I think she got daycare assistance. Yes there is such a thing. Who do you think pays for that?

8. Kids. I know you are thinking I am judgmental, and that is A-O-K because I really am. You are thinking Echo there are a lot of woman who find themselves in situations where they have a lot of kids, and a dead beat Dad/Boyfriend. Yes you are right. You say Echo sometimes woman get pregnant and have more than one baby daddy. Yes you are right. You say Echo look at you you are your husbands 4th baby Momma. Yes you are right. And this is what I have to say about that. I will admit that maybe it wasn’t smart, but I love my kids. I will admit that we used some assistance from time to time to get through some rough patches. But the difference is having your life circumstances change unexpectedly and having trouble is one thing. Going into a situation that you know you can’t afford is irresponsible and shouldn’t be rewarded.

9. Large Family. Some are upset because people love shows like Jon and Kate Plus 8, and the Duggers, then talk smack about this lady. Well I think it is completely different. I love these shows on TLC. It is amazing to me how they live. I wish I could do it. Not have so many children, but run such an organized house. If you still want to know what the differences between these families are I just can’t help you.

10. Government. I don’t want the government to tell anyone how to raise their family. I don’t want any new laws made about IVF. What I do know at this point is the government is going to give them, and give them, and give them. Because in the end the children are here.

11. Child Services. You know that Child Services will most likely step in and do an evaluation. For no other reason except to make sure that the children are taken care of. I don’t know if the children should stay with the Mom that isn’t for me to decide. And they don’t take children away from their parents just because they can’t afford them. If they can’t afford them they just inform them of what government assistance can help them.

12. The interview. The interview with Ann Curry is what I am referring to. I thought it was a good interview. I wish Ann would have pushed harder. I read the interview and watched the interview and I have to say ‘there seems to be something really off about this woman’. I think she loves her kids, but there is just something not right.

13. Myself. I am mad at myself for caring about this junk. I mean I have a lot going on in my life. I don’t want to care how she handles her life. I just can’t look away. There is no correct answer.

I know that this is a very controversial topic to be talking about. I hope that yall will leave some opinions on the situations. Or maybe you can offer some solutions. Or maybe you will just trash talk my judgmentalness. I don’t care which I just like comments.


gigi said...

NO! You are dead on girlfriend! How she got away with this is beyond me? She is warped and most can tell that if one listens to her being interviewed. Nightmare situation if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Where to start...First the doctor should have his license pulled! Fertility doctors are supposed to conduct an extensive background check on each patient that comes in to include: How many children they may already have, finances, caring for the children, etc...Normally there are only a few eggs which are inserted but apparently he must have miscounted placing over 8!
Being a woman in a situation of having a few kids with no money or husband/support may be common however she knew what she was doing and didn't fall into this.
Hopefully the state will get involved but the fear there is that if social services gets in there the kids will more then likely be seperated.
Of course she probably doesn't have to worry about money as vivid videos just offered her 1 million dollars to be in a porno