Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the jolly: stuck

the jolly: stuck

Not really sure how this works. I was unable to leave a comment on your blog.
I have been lurking on your blog since I found your post about the auction: this could be you. I thought it was so funny, and it was a sweet thing as well. It was in Aug 2008. I was hooked ever since. I have read most of your old posts of well. I enjoy your writing alot. However, I do not leave comments. I wish I was a more commentie kind of person but I just don't.
I miss your posts. I hope the writers block will be over soon. I would really like an update on your family that was in the crash. I think about them. I am sure it has been a long, hard road.

Thanks so much for sharing your life with me, eventhough you have no idea who I am.

This sounds worse and worse as I go but I just can't stop myself. I am really not crazy, or a stalker.

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