Friday, January 30, 2009

Photostory Friday: Bethany's Camera

Well Bethany got a camera from Grandma for Christmas. I was unloading her memory card today because it was full. I thought for Photo story we could take a moment to see what goes on inside her head. What is important, is she artistic, does she have talent, ect. (I only used pictures I know that she took herself)
First up we have a self portrait. She would call this masterpiece 'I'm hot and you're not part 750'

Second she had to take pictures of the one thing she is most concerned about. This is the thing that brings tears of fustration, and tears of happiness. Yes her name is Baby Alive aka Alexis.
Thirdly, we have the one thing that Bethany thought no one would get her for Christmas. This is known as Harjuku world. She has stuffed and I mean stuffed all of her clothes into the other drawers so she could have one she could call Harajuku world. As you can see she doesn't only have her doll in there she has my doll. When I asked her about this she told me 'Baby G likes it better in there'

Next she took a nice picture of her friend Rainey from the dance school. She likes to be picked up late from dance on Thursday's so she can have time to play with Rainey.
This is a picture of a lion. Oh I'm sorry it's really Jackson.
I was surprised to see she didn't erase the picture of her brother Noah. She tells me all the time she hates him, and her life was good until he was born. I think she is just dramatic.
Uncle Ben holding one of Bethany's new favorite people, Baby David. She is drawn to people she can hold. She doesn't care how much they wiggle and scream, I mean cry.

She only likes Christopher some of the time (he stole her Jonathon but that's another story). This is a great picture of Aunt Amanda. I am alittle jealous. She didn't have one picture of me on her camera. whatever
This is a really great picture she took of Katlyn. I mean Katlyn is cute no matter what, but the picture was really clear. Maybe she has an eye for this photo stuff.
Ethan just asks for Beth Beth all the time, and who wouldn't just eat that up.
Kenzie likes ot follow Bethany around.
Na Na Na Na Boo Boo. Thanks Papa
This is Bethany's Joe-Nathan aka Jonathon. They are really close in age like 5 months exactly apart. They are very tight.
Last but not least. I thought I would call this one 'Peace Out'
So what do you think? Does she have a photo eye? I wonder how many pictures she deleted? I think alot. Either I need to clean out her memory card more often or she need a bigger memory card.
PhotoStory Friday
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gigi said...

Those are great pictures and you did a great job of story telling.

Ruth Ann said...

She has a good eye! I've bought my son Benjamin the Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera. He takes his photos of either the tv or his toys! lol
He has a really good eye too, but the camera sucks big time! It's really just a toy and not meant for serious photography. Oh well, maybe when he gets bigger he can get a real one! Have a great day!
-Ruth Ann

Killlashandra said...

She took a lot of really good pictures. :) Looks like a great gift.

Amanda said...

I don't know why they think that I'm hot face is cute. It just looks funny. It makes me laugh everytime, though. She sure loves her some Jo Nathon, doesn't she?

Kimber said...

I agree, I think she's got an eye for sure.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Looks like she's likin the camera and honing the skills!

Ally in Wonderland said...

Why hello! I noticed you're my new follower yesterday and in my excitment I forgot to come and say hi! I love the photos from your daughter, isn't it fun to see her world through her eyes? Thanks for visiting my blog!! How did you find me?

rmgales said...

She has skills. Her pictures are focused and funny. Great scrapbooking material.