Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Alive

Well my family sent Bethany and Noah money for Christmas and I let them buy what they wanted after Christmas. Well Noah bought a bike. It is a very nice bike and it was a good choice. They boy has some mad biking skills. That will be another post.
Bethany wanted a baby alive. Okay. I have so much to post about this baby alive because it is so funny. I think to do it justice I will have to really record myself talking about it. It is so funny. So maybe later on this week I will do that.

However until then you my not so good videos from my new cell phone will have to do. (i am not crazy about the way the videos turned out but you will still laugh)

Anyway here is the set up. We were at Lowe's the other day picking up so stuff for our projects at home. Noah was riding in the buggy with Baby Alive and Bethany was off looking for a watering can. Now Noah is not suppose to touch, or play with baby alive or any of baby alive's things per Bethany. So while she was away he tought he would get alittle play time in.

The second video is of Bethany coming back and catching him with her stuff.


UtahGma&Gpa said...

Don't let the "guy" thing fool you. Boys are curious about dolls, as well as girls about boy toys, espes. when they belong to their brother or sister. Really cute!

Ruth Ann said...

HILARIOUS! I especially LOVE the second video! Too funny! You sounded like me....I always say "Right Now!" lol
Thanks for sharing! That made me laugh!
-Ruth Ann

gigi said...

That is great! I so need to learn how to put video on my blog. Poor Bethany.