Friday, January 23, 2009

Photo Story Friday: Camera Phone

I got a new cell phone and I love it. Today for Photo Story Friday I thought I would share a few pictures that I found on my cell phone. Some of them I took, and some Lynsey took. Normally she doesn't care about my cell phone, but since she has been grounded from her cell phone she asks if she can take pictures with mine.

We went to Jekyll Island and went biking on MLK holiday. This is Jackson trying to eat his lollipop. It is a lot gross that the snot is falling on the lollipop. I guess he needs to get the present I gave him out of his pocket and wipe his nose. (At the beginning of the day I had a couple of paper towels in my pocket 'just in case'. I have them to the kids to wipe their noses, the rest of the day I would say 'you need to use the present I gave you' Hee hee)

This is Madi and Lynsey at breakfast.

We let Lynsey and Kelsea take Bethany and Jonathon to the mall and a movie. They had a really good time. But they did watch Kelsea try and two dresses and I don't think Jonathon was at all thrilled about that.

I do like the way my new phone takes pictures, but I don't like the videos it takes. I guess you can't have everything.
Until next time.

PhotoStory Friday
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The Harris Family said...

First off, your phone takes great pics! Love the lolly pop, he is really trying to get that whole thing in his mouth...too funny.

Amanda said...

I think you took that pic as your daughter was riding by yelling, 'you're a liar'.

I love the pic of the lollipop. Gaross.

Ruth Ann said...

Cute photos! I love the lollipop snot one! Guess that's what I have to look forward to with my two boys! Have a great weekend!
-Ruth Ann

Elizabeth said...

What kind of phone did you get? It takes awesome pictures!