Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Weekend

All the girls love to take my camera and take pictures. The problem is they take the pictures of themselves. So, Noah wanted to take a picture of himself as well. Even though he said he didn't touch my camera. Not only did he take this picture of himself he took pictures of under his bed, and his dresser.
Let’s see. We had a very busy weekend. Friday night the girls left for their Mom’s house, and Christopher came for a visit. Saturday morning the kids and I went to breakfast with Ben, Erica, and Josh at Zigs. Then I had to take Lynsey and Bethany to their duet practice. Then we all went to Emma Mae’s first birthday. It was a cute party and Emma Mae and Maddi had on the cutest little outfits that Amanda made. Then Saturday we just hung out at the house and I organized some of my scrapbook stuff. Sunday Chris helped me build three homade clip it ups. I gave one to Lenee, and one to Amanda, and kept one for myself. After we built them I spent a little more time in my scrap space trying to organize my scrapbook stuff. When I get all my stuff on my new clip it up I will post a picture on the blog.

My scrap space
Well we have a family room in the back of the house. It is a room with a lot of shelving. It also is broken up into three parts. 1st a computer area, 2nd a living area, and 3rd a bar area. The computer area is just that. It is a computer desk, filing cabinet, book shelf and computer. The living space is a couch, coffee table, TV and lamp. The bar area was a bar along the wall and then a bar you could sit at. In the bar area we just had some stuff stored that we didn’t use anymore. It was wasted space. I was really getting tired of looking at my scrapbook shelf in the living room that was not organized and hard to work from. The only place I had to do my crafts was the kitchen table. This was always a problem. It just seemed like once I got all my stuff out and set up my time would be over, or it was meal time, or the kids needed to sit at the table with drinks. It just wasn’t working. So, I haven’t scrapped since like May 2007. I really miss the creative outlet. I like the idea of being able to do all the crafts I love to do. Before I was married I painted ceramics, I sewed some really cute things like vests, costumes, pillows, curtains, I really loved doing crafts. I made grapevine wreaths, and Christmas decorations, and Halloween decorations. Anyway, Chris and I talked about it and he agreed that tearing out the bars in the back family room would give me enough area to set up a craft space. So, he built me a giant cabinet, tore out the bars and set up a desk and a six foot table. He also helped me make the clip it up. I have been busy organizing the space. However, soon very soon I am going to stop organizing and create something. Chris said that eventually he will build the tables and desktops that I want in my space, but for now I am happy. Seven years of marriage and I finally have a space that is mine. Now, if I could just get the music stuff out of my space, but that is the next phase. LOL I have some major ideas for the space. It will be a slow transformation however; it will be well worth it.

So, I will elaborate on Ben, Erica, and Josh
Ben and Erica are getting married on February 29, 2008. Erica has a little boy who is almost three named Josh. Erica and Josh are staying with us until they get married. The more I get to know Erica the more I really like her. I really do think she will be really good for Ben. She seems to have a really good head on her shoulders. I just hope she can keep Ben under control, and it looks like she will be able to. The two of them are in for some big changes and it going to be tough, and I pray they will be fine.

Michael Buble countdown…… 14 days to go until the concert. For more on Michael Buble I have added a link. Check it out.


Amanda said...

Thank you for my clippie thing. I can't wait to use it. I'm glad it is going well with Erica and Josh. How is Josh getting along with Noah?

gigi said...

What is a clippie thing?? You are a good sister in law, I know Ben really appreciate's you right now. Good luck to you all.