Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Dad and Noah

My Dad James Howard Uphold Jr. &
My son Noah James Kirkland

One day I was opening up an email my sister sent me. She had sent a black and white picture. At first glance I thought were did she get this picture of Noah. Then I read the email and it is a picture of my dad when he was Noah's age. I tried to find a picture of Noah to post beside so that you can really see how much they looked alike at that age. I wish when I first opened this email I would have ran out and got Noah a pair of overalls and made him let me take pictures of him until I got the perfect shot, But I didn't. Oh well. They both have that same Calick in the front. My son has the bluest eyes and my father has the brownest eyes(you just can't tell because of the black and white photo).

Pappy Uphold and Noah 2007 (family reunion)


Amanda said...

It is spooky how much they look alike. I think it would have been very hard to find overalls like those. What is that on the knees?

gigi said...

That is amazing how much they look a like! Great pictures!
Happy Heart Day!