Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!!

Well, last night I went to Amanda's house for a Stampin' Up party. We really should do this more often.

6 women + alot of laughing + good food + crafts = a Stampin' good time.

Let's see there was Amanda who is not only my sister-in-law but I consider her my BFF. There was Karin Pittman, who everytime I am around her I like her more and more. She spoke more last night then I ever have heard her before, and she is really funny. There was Lenee Shinnick, who is a good friend of mine and has been for about 5 years. Our daughters are the same age and good friends. I used to eat lunch with Lenee everyday and then our offices moved and I don't get to anymore. I miss her lots and lots. Then there was Karin Hartley. I met Karin at the scrapbooking place. We used to get together with Lenee and some other girls and scrapbook on Friday nights until midnight or so. I used to go every week. I haven't had the chance to get down there in 9 months. I really miss her. She is so funny. She is just a good person all around.

Alot of people say that I am a socail person. However, I have my days when its just not right. Then I have days like last night. I really feel like all of us were really socail. I don't think anyone felt left out, or singled out, or out of place. Amanda is a wonderful Hostess, and we have some really GREAT friends. I feel so blessed.

Later on that night my husband says 'so what did you buy?' I said 'oh nothing really' He said 'how much did you spend?' I said 'oh don't worry I just bought some markers' He said 'what else?' I said 'I also bought a punch and I got some free stamps'

Now this is what I bought: The marker set, and a punch.
I didn't lie ;)


Amanda said...

I can't believe you have captured Michael to your blog. It is so wonderful to hear him. I can't believe some of us actually get to go see him live!!!(That was mean, Gigi and I'm sorry) Josh just walked in and said,"That is what ya'll are going to hear in concert?" Men just don't get it. I had so much fun last night, too. We'll have to get together when people don't feel like they have to buy something. You should start a group of doing stuff. I would go...

gigi said...

Thanks alot Amanda, I'm still crying in my soup about missing that dream boat in concert. I'll try and get over it soon and go ahead and forgive the both of you. It's good to have BFF's and party's! Sometimes there just isn't enough of either.

gigi said...

And WAY TO GO ECHO ON YOUR MUSICAL BLOG!!! You are all that and more girlfriend!

gigi said...

Hey, thanks for the heads up about the sale of GSC at Staples, I'll be there. For some reason my life doesn't come in contact with any little girls scouts. And if I do they don't ever ask me about buying any. For future reference, HArry can't hardly say no to a child selling any thing! I'll share thin mint recipe in summer or fall when we are so wishing we had some!