Friday, February 22, 2008

Favorite Pictures

I was thinking about the pictures I have taken over the last couple of years. Some are good and some are bad. However, these two that I took in July of 2005 always stand out to me.
The first one is a picture of Josh kissing Jackson. It is on the island on July 4th. Neither of them knew I was taking the picture. I don't even know if Josh has ever seen the picture. I just love the picture. It is such an expression of affection.

The second picture was taken at Salt Springs, Fl. We took the kids camping that weekend. It rained. Noah was so little. We let him play naked in a little tiny pool. I just love this picture. It is such an over expression of delight.


gigi said...

Your right, they are both great pictures! And look how much the boys have grown.

Amanda said...

That's my man. So affectionate, sometimes way too much so.

Amanda said...

Also, only two more days to Michael Buble!!!