Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Out of the armoire

We have a large armoire in our living room. It has four drawers and a cabinet for the TV. The bottom drawer is filled with games. Sometimes the kids put so much stuff in the drawer or they don’t put the stuff back correctly. This causes something to fall behind the drawer and then the drawer won’t close all the way. When this happens you cannot take the drawer out. The armoire just isn’t built that way. (Which we think is totally stupid) Anyway, we tried everything and couldn’t get the stuff out. So, we asked Bethany to climb into the drawer again to retrieve the lost items. The first time we had her do this was several months ago and she cried, and was scared, but she did it. This time when we asked her to do it she said no because she didn’t like being stuck in the drawer. Daddy said I will give you five bucks for the mall if you do it. Then she couldn’t get in the drawer fast enough. Instead of crying she was laughing all the way to the mall.

I don’t know what we will do when she is too big to fit in the drawer. I guess Noah will fit but then what?


Amanda said...

At some point everyone will be too big to get in the drawer. It will have to just hang there.

gigi said...

Not if you can talk Amanda and Courtney into having more little ones. Sounds like a plan.