Monday, February 25, 2008

This one's for you.

So, Amanda and I went to see the wonderful Michael Buble. Oh, I am so tired this morning, but so happy that I saw him last night. He show was awesome. I really wanted to yell out the whole time 'your so cool' 'your so awesome' but I didn't. I did scream alot, and I did shed some tears. This first picture does not do our seats justice. We had really good seats and could see just fine. His first song was 'I'm Your Man'. (Yes Michael you can be my man, for alittle while)

This was us on my sidewalk on our way to see our dreamboat. Two virgin Michael concert goers.

We really wanted to have a nice dinner so we went to St. Johns. We went to Joann's and picked up a few things, and checked out a couple of places to eat. Every place was like a 45 minute wait so we had to settle on this great american staple.

We are lucky to have made it out alive. It was in a bad part of town, and there was some strange people lurking around.
So, after we left crack town we were onto the show. This next two pictures were taken while waiting in line to but our memories. We thought we should show our love for Michael buy pretending that he was real.

The entire show was magic. He sang his songs, told some stories, talked with the people, played around with the band. It was hot. He was hot.
On to the reason I named my post 'This one's for you'
The only sad part about the concert was after everyone was seated and the opening act had sang we realized that the seat 104 c 12 was vacant. It was a ticket never purchased, and a fan never came. So, Gigi this one's for you.
So, we've decided that we want to be groupies. Next, year or whenever he comes back my finger will be on the button ready to buy my ticket.
We want floor seats, heck we want front row seats, and we shall have them.
bye for now
from you tired friend
( I will proof this later and post about the opening group)


Amanda said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for blogging about it already, thank you for the tickets, thank you for being such a good friend and thank you for having such a totally fabulous time.

gigi said...

I kid you not, as I was reading Echo's blog and saw how much fun they were having as friends and sister in laws, my heart was filling up with sweet emotion. Then when I saw the picture of the empty seat, I nearly choked, I really did shed a tear! I just couldn't beleive it, I really could have been there to share it with the both of them! So much for missed opportunities. Glad yall had such a great time. Thanks for thinking of me.

Harmony said...

I wish I was there.

gigi said...

Echo, you just wouldn't have believe how funny Amanda was this morning! It just made my day hearing how much fun yall had and how awesome he was! I'm on for next year!!

Sass E-mum said...

What a day to take a look at your blog.

As you know, me and MB are strangers but it's hilarious to see your groupie photos.

How lovely to see you managed to find a moment for some fine dining too. Concert food... mmmmmm.

Elizabeth said...

Echo, you are too funny. I don't think I know one song that he sings, but maybe I'll check into him on itunes. It sounds like the two of you had a fabulous night!! Gosh I need to get out without my kids sometime!! LOL Like that will EVER happen!