Thursday, September 2, 2010

Such a pretty girl

Bethany performed for the people at 104.1 the wave...for a chance to perform at 'The Gong Show' at the fair in October....She was all ready to go when we got there. Isn't she pretty?

She was so excited about being there, she was ready to explode. Don't you just love this face? She calls it her camel tooth face...LOL
After we got home she took a know picture day is tomorrow....
What am I suppose to do with this mess???
Sidenote: After Bethany got done performing Joe Willie said 'Wow we are going to have some major talent'...then as we were leaving a lady came up to Bethany and said 'You should take my acting class in like 10 years'...I had a hard time getting her big fat head in the door of the car...LOL

1 comment:

gigi said...

She is just one beautiful child!! You go gurl!!