Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hawaiian Luau

The Golden Isles Swim Team had a Hawaiian Luau on September 25, 2010. They are raising funds to be able to buy the equiptment to heat the pool for the winter. It was a really nice event. They had a silent auction, and they raffled some stuff off. More about that later. I want to show some pictures of us sitting around getting ready to eat.

Me & Chris. This is me in my new shirt. I felt much more sassier then I look in this picture...LOL

Amanda & Josh. I really like this picture of them. Her make-up always looks so good. Farrell & Courtney. Her little blue dress was very cute. Chrissy & her husband. I never really talked to Chrissy all that much. The first time she called me by name at the Christmas party it set me back. I don't ever remember meeting her, but she works for Josh so, she must have either met me, or Josh/Amanda have spoken of me. I'm sure they had nothing but really wonderful and great things to say about me....LOL Anyway, I really enjoyed their company. Mac & his wife were there as well, but I didn't get the chance to take their picture....I never really talked with them before tonight, and I must say they are very enjoyable people.

So, what do they serve at a Hawaiian Luau? Roasted pig of course....

See the bullet hole in his head?
See the roasted apple? Do you see the tounge hanging out?
Although it looked gross, it was really awesome. I meant it was super yummy. I wish I would have had a to go plate...LOL
We totally should do this for some holiday function or something....LOL
Now for the raffle tickets, and auction. I was outbid on everything I bid on in the silent auction. Which was okay. So, I bought a raffle ticket for the football tickets to the UGA vs. Auburn game on November 13th. You see Chris and I are going away that weekend for our 10 year anniversary. We haven't made any plans and we thought we were destined to win the tickets. How cool would it be to maybe spend a couple of days somewhere, and then on Saturday head over to Auburn for the game, and hang out with Jeff & Lisa....
Well only two tickets were sold to win the tickets. So, we were on the right track....Right?
Well we didn't win. DANG IT!! I guess we weren't meant to go....that is unless Jeff reads this and you know wants to hook us up.....LOL

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