Friday, September 10, 2010

Welcome Back Dance Party....

Tonight was the Back to School Dance Party at Glyndale Elementary. Chris, and I were the D.J.'s for this wonderful event. There are so many people that play such a huge roll in getting this thing done. However, I only have direct contact with Amanda, and she is fabulous at organizing this chaos.....LOL

I gave this some serious thought as to who could start the karaoke off this time? It wasn't hard to pick since Bethany really wanted to sing really bad....LOL She sang 'You Belong To Me' by Taylor Swift. She was awesome...LOL Lynsey crimped her hair for her before the dance, and she picked out her outfit herself....such style and sass in one little girl.
This is Bethany's biggest fan, next to me of course....LOL

Jonathon got up and sang Toby Keith 'I Wanna Talk About Me'. I love that he is comfortable getting up in front of everybody, and rockin' the school.

This is Hannah, and Jayce. They thought they were not going to get to sing, but they did at the last minute. These girls sang one of my favorite songs of all time 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot'.
Bethany, and Ashely.
Jeffery, Jonathon, Bethany, Mary Ann, and Ashely. They all got their groove on at the dance.
This is Jayce's parents. April, and Jason Rowe. They always work the food booth. Her day job is at the court house, and his day job is a Police officer. So I will also think of them as our lead security people. You know how 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders can be....LOL
I was kidding about needing a cop on site, but come to think of it look at this mess. They were not allowed to be on the stage unless they were singing, and only two people could sing at a time. Then on the last song of the night 'I Gotta a Feeling' by the Black Eyed Peas they just sort of stormed the stage....LOL They were out of control for a minute before I saw what was happening and chased them away....LOL
This is Bethany, and Shelby.
It was a good dance, and a good turn out. I totally prefer having the dance to having to sell cookie dough, or wrapping paper, or magazines, or anything else that is really crap marked up...LOL

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