Thursday, December 18, 2008

Harajuku Lovers

This is the new perfume line by Gwen Stefani. She is also a very popular Pop singer. She started out as the lead vocal in the rock band No Doubt. Anyway, these little gems are the cutest things ever. I saw them at Belks a few weeks ago, and bought myself the little blonde one in front. Her name is 'G' and she smells like vanillia.

All the dolls have a different scent. 'Baby' reminds me of baby soft. They all smell good. The other names are 'Love', 'Music', and 'Lil Angel'.

I thought about buying them for the girls for Christmas, but then I decided against it because I felt like they wouldn't know what it was, and then they would just throw it to the side. They don't always love the stuff I love. The older ones are very 'Brandish' you know Aeropostale, American Eagle, Hollister.... My luck is I would buy them this and they would be like I just wanted some other crappy perfume that doesn't even cost as much but carries some 'brand' name.

However, my littlest one Bethany who is 7 is head over heels in love with these little gems. She saw mine and thought it was cute. She even would visit her in my room, and sometimes sneak alittle. Well we were at Belks last Saturday and I showed her the display. She smelled all of them and was in love. The perfume lady gave her a sample card with all the scents in it. She carries this little sample paper around in her bag. She peels just enough back to get a good smell, and then tapes the samples back shut as to not waste it.

Last night we went to Belks again looking for teen gifts for friends. Bethany says 'Can we go see the Harajukus.' I say 'Yes let's go visit them.' She then showed the perfume lady that she still had her little sample card and didn't need another. Then she looked at all the bottles and asked me how much are they. I tell her the little bottles with the doll on top like mine is $25.00, and the heads with the solid are $65.00 for all 5.
As we are walking around in Belks Bethany is searching through her purse and counting her money. She says 'Mommy I have $17.00 and it's not enough. Can we count all my change?' I say 'Bethany it is really close to Christmas and you are not buying the perfume today.' She is very sad about this and is silently crying with big tears sliding down her face. When we get out of the store we sit down for a minute. I say 'Bethany you never know maybe you will get it for Christmas?' Bethany says crying 'No I won't I didn't even know about the Harajuku dolls and I didn't tell anyone that I wanted them for Christmas.' I say 'Well maybe you can talk to Daddy.' She says crying 'Daddy never listens to me like when I told him I wanted to go to Pennsylvania he just said UhUh.' It was very funny. She didn't think it was very funny at all. She cried all the way home while I laughed and called Aunt Amanda, and Grandma on the phone and told them the story. Hee Hee
She told her Dad about it that night, and he really listened to her. She was very excited about it and showed him her samples, and even peeled the tape back so he can smell. hee hee
She tells me right before bed 'I wish I never knew about the Harajuku dolls' hee hee (I guess if she never knew about them she wouldn't want them so bad. hee hee)

This the picture from the sample card. Some how this girl has the little heads with the solid perfume tied in her hair.
Listen, I think it is really cute that Bethany wanted to actually spend her money on something that wasn't dollar junk. She doesn't get an allowance so she hoards her money when she does come into some. I mean some of that was left from her Birthday back in August. If those little dolls were not on top she won't care a bit about that perfume. But right now she is attracted to the stuff.
How did Chris feel about the Harajuku perfume?
Will we get them for her? I don't know, and I can't tell even if I did know. You will have to find out after Christmas to find out just what the kids got, and what Chris thought about the perfume. Hee Hee
Happy Holidays


kathy said...

Tell Bethany that sometimes Santa just knows what you want, even if you don't tell him. I hope she gets one for Christmas (but tell her if she doesn't they'll probably be on sale, and then maybe her $17 will buy one) But right now I'm betting on
Santa coming thru for her!

UtahGma&Gpa said...

Isn't it funny how we always want something until we get it! I have seen the dolls in Macy's Dept. store & they are cute!

gigi said...

Merry Christmas Echo! Hope it's all you expect it to be. Love ya!