Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is Bethany over sensitive?

I don't really have a picture to go with these two little stories about Bethany because they are just random thoughts. BUT I really liked these two pictures I've taken with my cell phone. My friend Lenee made these cute little hats for Bethany. She loves them. She asked me to go to the yarn store and let her buy more yarn to match all of her clothes....What I like about these hats is that her hair is out of her face. I may have to take her to that yarn store...LOL I think Lenee should sell these cute little hats...LOL

1.) On the night of prom Chris and I took Lynsey and her friend to dinner. I was finished getting ready, and decided to check in on what each of the kids were doing before we left. Noah was watching T.V. in the living room, Christopher was playing on the PS2 in his room, and Bethany was in her room with the door closed. So, I opened the door and Bethany was sitting on the floor with her barbies all spread out. When I looked at her she wiped her eyes really quick. I said 'Bethany what are you doing?' She said 'Playing with my barbies.' She looked so sad. I said 'What's a matter?'. She said 'Well this barbie (the one in her hand) just met these two barbies (they were each in their own cars) and they became friends. Then on the way home these two barbies were in a really bad car accident and this barbie is really sad because they were such good friends.' I said 'Oh Bethany that does sound really sad, but remember it's only pretend.' She said 'I know.' Then I smiled and shut the door.

2.) I rented the movie 'The Blind Side' I didn't ask anyone to watch it I just put it on and they all sort of just joined me. It was a really great movie, and it felt really great to know that we could all watch something and think it was really great and it wasn't really a kid movie, or a cartoon. Anyway, the next night Bethany comes to me and says 'Are you going to watch a movie tonight?' I said 'Yes' She said 'I hope it's not that movie the blind side that we watched last night'. I asked 'Why? Didn't you like it?' She said 'I've been thinking about that movie all day, I can't get it out of my head........(pause a few seconds) then she looks at me and says 'It really effected me.'

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