Monday, May 3, 2010

Dream Alittle Dream.....

I woke up Sunday morning from a crazy dream that I can't stop thinking about.....

It all started with us having a party at our house. We were all in the pool walking in a circle, trying to get the water to start pulling one way like in a lazy river. It also looked like a conga line....LOL Anyway, I look back and there is a woman who looks like Mama from 'Mama's family'. She smiles and winks at me. So, I smile and wink back. Then I'm standing in my living room talking to Josh, and Amanda. I say 'Did you see that lady in the pool that looked like Vickie from 'Mama's Family'. They say 'no'. I say 'I'm going to go and get her'. I walk out of my living room and into my Grandma Leon's kitchen, then I walk right out onto her back porch. Grandma Leon was sitting there on the steps of the porch holding the white Mama's family wig in her hands. She says 'You didn't know it was me'. I sit down beside her and I said 'No. I didn't.' She gets up steps down two steps looks up at me and smiles. I look around and I realize we are sitting on her porch attached to my house, and I can see Pappy Leon's plants planted beside my house. I look at her she is still smiling. I say 'It was so sweet of you to come.' She says 'I think your sweet too.' Then I woke up crying. I was crying for to many reasons:
-that she came to me in my dream
-that she had disguised herself and I almost missed her
-that I woke up
-that I didn't say something better
-that I couldn't go back to sleep

I have been asked if I thought that is was just a subconscious dream, or did I believe that she really came to me in my dream. I know that she really came to me. I hope that she comes again another night. I have dreamt a few times of my brother Jimmy, but that was along time ago. It's been years since I dreamt of him. There are several people I would love to come and visit me in my dreams, but either they don't feel it is as important as I do, or I just don't need it like I think I do.
I wonder when your on the other side if there are rules about visiting people in their dreams. Do you get visited, but you just don't remember? Have you ever seen that movie 'What Dreams May Come'?
A couple of things I would like to always remember about this dream.....The rooster canisters on the kitchen counter, the old table in the kitchen, the curtains hanging in the window of the door, the old heavy silver screen door with the funny triangle pointy handle, the back porch/steps made out of a funny pepple cement, Pap's hens and chicks planted right there, the way Grandma's skin was so smooth but for the moles, the light in Grandma's eyes when she smiled at me.

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