Friday, May 21, 2010

Dance Into Summer 2010

Dance Into Summer 2010

This weekend is the Jessica Dominey School of Dance Recital. It is going to be AWESOME. This is Lynsey's 3rd year of dance, Bethany's 6th year of dance, Noah's 1st year of dance, Madi's 2nd year of dance, Emma Mae's 1st year of dance, and Mackenzie's 1st year of dance. We are one big happy dancing family. If you would like to come and check check check it out we will be on Jekyll Island Convention Center on Saturday May 22, 2010. It starts at 4:30 p.m. Don't be late because Bethany is in the first dance called 'Dolls' (lyrical)

Isn't this shirt so funny. This is Noah's costume for 'Cuban Pete'. You know he's the king of the conga beat....LOL

Lynsye's Dances
'Roomies' Duet with Erica Gantt (What Is This Feeling from Wicked musical)
'Let Go' (lyrical)
'Don't Tell Mama' (jazz)
Cha Cha Heels (production0
Can't remember the name of the ballet
'Beat It' (Tap)
'Let's Dance' Duet with Bethany Kirkland (jazz)
'Boom Boom Pow' (hip hop)
'Blue Jeans' (adult tap)

Bethany' Dances
'My New Philosophy' Solo (musical theatre)
'Dolls' Lyrical (When Somebody Loved Me)
'Hit The Road Jack' Tap
'Funky Diva Babes' Jazz
'Aye Carumba' Production
'Let's Dance' Duet with Lynsey Kirkland (jazz)
'Boom Boom Pow' (hip hop)
'Beethoven' Ballet

Noah's Dances
'Cuban Pete' class dance with Madi Kirkland
'Boy From NYC' Tap
'Under the Sea' Class Ballet with Madi Kirkland
'Swingin' 60's' Jazz
'Rainbow Connection' Ballet

Madi's Dances
'Cuban Pete' class dance with Noah Kirkland
'Under the Sea' Class Ballet with Noah Kirkland

Emma Mae & Mackenzie's Dances
'Me & My Teddy Bear' Baby Ballet
'Poodles' Baby Jazz

Can you tell I'm just alittle excited. This is the most excited I think I have ever been for recital. I promise to take lots of pictures, and have a really good post when it's all over.

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