Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dance Into Summer Recital 2010

Recital on Jekyll Island was so nice this year. Madi, and Emma Mae went with me early to get ready. So much fun. They watched me do Bethany's hair and make-up on the edge of their seats. They couldn't wait until it was there turn. They just kept asking me if they were going to get sparkles to....LOL

Madi took this picture of me.

Emma Mae being sweet.

Madi wasn't feeling good, but she totally hung in there.

Noah had a really hard time with all the attention that the girls got during the hair and make-up session...So I spiked his hair. Even though he doesn't like his hair spiked...LOL

Madi took alittle nap before the show started.

This is what Bethany wore for her Beethoven Ballet number.

Bethany, & M.E.

You can tell that he was already pushing the spiky hair down.

This is Amy. She is such a good dancer. I really love this costume.

Bethany's friend Jayce came to watch her dance.

Bethany's friend Victoria came to watch Bethany dance.

Bethany wanted to give Stephanie Peeples flowers at the end of the Sr. tribute in the worst way.

Ms. Jessica, and Ms. Krissi let her give Stephanie flowers.

Ashely Boggs came to watch the recital.

Daddy really enjoyed recital this year.

Lynsey has been with the dance studio 3 years.

Bethany has been with the studio for 6 years. This is not a mistake. Bethany took dance 3 years before Lynsey started.

This is Lynsey in her Beat It tap costume. Daddy gave her flowers.

Since the girls were getting trophies this year we bought Noah one too. Daddy bought Noah some candy, and a balloon.
Daddy got Bethany some flowers. This is her Hit The Road Jack tap costume

All in all it was a really good dance recital. It did go about 2 hours over, but what are you going to do. We all went and ate dinner at Spanky's marsh side afterwards. I got up and sang karaoke 'I Will Survive'...a bunch of families from dance were there, and it was so fun. It makes me want to have a party at my house with the pool, and karaoke. Maybe at the end of summer. Right now I need a break!! I will have to make another post about dance after I get their pictures back this year. Oh that will be fun. There was a couple of things I wish I could rewind and do:
I wish I would have took a picture of Josh, Emma Mae, and Madi together.
I wish I would have taken a picture of McKenzie at some point.
I wish I would have taken pictures of some of the other who came like Grandparents, and Connie, Cooper, and Bailey.
I wish I would have taken an up close picture of Madi with my cell phone.
Maybe I will learn from these mistakes, but I seriously doubt it....LOL

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Elizabeth said...

Echo! How have I missed all of these updates?? The last one I saw was when Lynsey was in the beauty pageant!! My list never told me you had updated since then, until now! Strange!!! are totally melting away to nothing! You look great!