Friday, March 21, 2008

Ode To My Blog

Searching, and surfing the internet
With no where to go
I want a place I can be myself
I need a place to call my own

Missing my family
Missing my friends
Just wanting to check in again, and again

Daily life I'd like to see
Rantings I'd love to read
Pictures to cute for words
Recipes I'd love to hoard

New people, old people
Some friends, some family
Some strangers I just met on the internet

No formal conversations
No expectations
No requirements at all

Daily life
Memories of life
Future plans of my life

News, books, movies
Our comings and goings
It's all up to me what I write

It's a release
For creativity
It helps me let go
Of the sadness
It helps me announce
The gladness

So come one, come all
Just come as you are
Sit back, relax, read
And leave a comment please...


Amanda said...

That was beautiful. I could never be a poet. You are very talented.

Sass E-mum said...

Very welcoming!

gigi said...

Why Echo Kirkland, you are just so full of talent! Good job!