Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I do have to brag

So I took Bethany and Jonathon to the school tonight for Math night. They had food, the book fair, and math games. It was a ton of fun. Anyway on to the bragging.

Ms. Watson (Bethany and Jonathon's first grade teacher) told me that Bethany scored top three in her class for the Bull's Basics test they had on Friday. It is 100 question addition test and they have 5 minutes to complete it. She got 46 out of 100. Jonathon got 60 out of 100.
Ms. Watson said that they have to be able to get 100 by the end of their second grade year.
I just think they are so smart. WAY TO GO!!


Amanda said...

Genius must run in our family...

gigi said...

Hey, I'd be braggin too!! Those are great reasons to brag on your kids. It does run in the family! Way to go Bethany and Jonathon!