Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Took the Tag

I should have posted this Friday when I typed it up. However, time just got away from me.
I took the tag from

Thanks, it was fun

What were you doing 10 years ago?1998?
I was taking care of my brother who had cancer. He died April 15,1998. I still beat myself up for not be able to save him with my magical powers and fairy dust.Looking back on it know. I had just had a huge fight with my parents and moved into my boyfriends house. One week later we found out that the cancer was back. I didn't even flinch, I just went straight to the room packed all my stuff and went straight home. I never moved back with him, we never talked about it, we dated for two more years. It was a strange relationship that I will have to write about another time.
Name 5 things from today's to do list:
1. Put in 8 hours at work.
2. Get my scrapbooking stuff together for the crop tonight.
3. At least spend dinner with my husband that I haven't talked to allweek.
4. Go to crop and hang out with the peeps.
5. Maybe wake up my husband when I get home for alittle TLC, since my children will be at Grandma's
Name 5 Snacks you enjoy:
1. Anything made by Sarris (best candy in world) (
2. white trash
3. blondie with no nuts
4. sour cream and onion anything
5. brusters ice cream

5 things you would do if you were a Billionaire:
1. Buy a house
2. Invest
3. Be a stay at home mom
4. Buy a really great summer home
5. Pay off my father's house

Name 3 bad habits:

1. eating unhealthy
2. expections are to high for myself and everyone else
3. spoiling my children
4. bossing my husband around
5. putting it off until tomorrow

Name 5 places you have lived:
1. Confluence, Pennsylvania
2. Farmington, Pennsylvania
3. Brunswick, Georgia
4. St. Simons Island, Georgia
5. Brunswick, Georgia

Name 5 Jobs you have had:
1. CNA for different nursing homes
2. Disc Jockey for my own company
3. PBX operator for a hotel
4. Night Auditor for a hotel
5. General Cashier for a hotel


gigi said...

All good things to know about our sweet Echo!
love ya...

Amanda said...

Glad you are feeling better, sugar.

Elizabeth said...

That was interesting. I love that you were going to wake Chris up for some TLC. HA HA HA I love it!!