Monday, February 8, 2010

Showstoppers 2010

Well this weekend I went with the girls to Showstoppers. It was a really big competition, and the other studios were really fierce, but we held our own just fine. So here is my take on the whole thing.
Saturday here is what some others took from our studio : (I didn't add the names to other children because I don't want to upset anyone)
Contemporary -"Let It Be"- solo - she won Gold1st and 9th overall (this was really good)
Musical Theater - "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better"- boy/girl duet- they won Gold 1st and 9th overall (this was really good)
Like I said both these dances were really good. I just don't understand those judges sometimes, they are so fickle......
Also on Saturday this is the numbers my girls did.
Musical Theater - "My New Philosophy" - Bethany - Gold 1st and 2nd overall (she really rocked it)

Jazz - "Let's Dance" - Bethany/Lynsey - Silver, but highest in their category (they are so cute)

On Sunday we only took one dance.
Musical Theater - "Roomies" - Lynsey/Erica - Gold 1st and 6th overall (I love this number it is the 'what is this feeling' song from the musical Wicked)
Let me just say this isn't my first competition, but I'm still trying to learn the ropes. Which means I am still very much a rookie in this atmosphere, but I've come a long way.

Saturday when we arrived all the dressing rooms were taken. So, we set up in the little break room with a bathroom. Well when we came back from lunch our stuff was in the hall. We weren't suppose to be there. That was part of the judges green room. Whoops! I really didn't know it was an honest mistake. But have no fear super mom is here. We just put our set up in the lobby along with the rest of the people that didn't get in a dressing room, but I was more prepared. I had a clothing rack, and my handy dandy portable dressing room. I wish I would have taken pictures you would be proud.

Anyway, when Bethany was ready she went backstage, and the solos started. I was fine at first, and then it dawned on me...All these people are competing against her for overalls....Then I got more nervous as they went. I mean those kids got moves...then you start to worry that she will mess up and cry and run off stage and on and on and on...nothing good...Then Bethany comes on stage...I just held my breathe whispering the moves in my head....then I realized at tough parts I was whispering out loud here we go here we go...point your toes...okay okay okay okay....Then as the other dancers danced I just felt like forever until Bethany came out to join me. When she got there she was so thrilled with herself. Then she turns to me and says 'One judge the one with the long brown hair looked really happy, the one beside her looked worried the whole time, and the man just kept talking really fast' I don't know about you but that made it worse for me, I mean it can't be good right. Well just chuck it up to rookie Mom, and those judges are so unreadable.....

(This is Bethany getting ready in the Break Room...She didn't wear those shoes on stage)
Then it was time for the awards. I felt like I was going to vomit. Yes I'm making this about me. Bethany was just fine, all smiles, not a care in the world. Sometimes I wonder if she belongs to me...LOL
They did the awards, and she got Gold 1st...okay that was good. She came up to the mic and said her name, teachers name, and studio name...Then sat down. Then they started with the overalls. They started from 10 and worked down. I was pretty cool at first. But then as it went it started getting to me....Oh no she will be one that won't be called...They called the 5th and my heart started to flutter, I looked at Bethany she was fine. They called 4th and I thought hey we meet them today and they were nice, but my knee started to shake and Bethany was fine. They called 3rd and I started to cry, yes a big tear rolled down my face, I looked at Bethany and she was FINE..They called '2nd overall is 256 My New Philosophy'...I found myself screaming and clapping and stomped my feet alittle, still crying....Bethany walks up to the mic just beaming.....

(She is so happy about these awards!!)

I love the girls in their duet costumes for 'Let's Dance'. I was really excited that they scored higher then the trio that was in their category, and for us that was good enough. They just love it up on that stage, and in the end that's all that matters..yes sir
The girls in their duet costumes!

Then I asked for a Sassy face...LOL

On Sunday we got up really early and headed out again. There is alot to do to get Lynsey ready to be transformed into the one and only 'Glinda the Good'. I think it really suits her, and she plays the part so good. I was just as nervous for them as I was for Bethany when I saw who they were up against. But they shined like a new penny up on that stage. My heart raced the whole time. I cried 2 tears at the end for them. One tear because Lynsey made one tiny mistake and I knew she was beating herself up and I wasn't backstage, and the second because they were really good. I love a good show, and they put one on. Maybe I'm alittle bias whatever....
When they did the awards Linda and I sat alone together. We were so nervous for the girls... Then they got called up for Gold 1st...we both said yes...LOL The girls walked up to the mic still in full costume and gave their names, their teachers name, and their studio..They were both really happy...
Now for the overalls....we just kept thinking oh we just don't know but we were really excited at the same time....Then they called 7th overall and it wasn't the girls...dang it...then they said '6th overall is 259 'Roomies' lots of clapping, and screaming from me...but most of all a great sigh of relief.....

Lynsey, Erica, and their teacher Jessica Dominey.

The whole experience was nerve wrecking..... but totally worth it....

A couple of things I want to remember about this trip that are not in this story.....

Kelsea was a big help all weekend...we couldn't have done it without her...I need to get her a stage manager shirt...LOL I also need the girls to do a thank you for her...

I am sad that this is the only picture I got of all the girls together. But I do love this picture.

Judy...she is the new GPS system that Andrew got Lynsey for Christmas and we used it on this trip...we named her Judy after Judy Jetson...LOL Judy doesn't understand detours but all in all she's a good little machine.

Linda we are totally going to make ourselves something awesome for the next competition...I would tell you but then I would have to kill you...LOL
My camera...I forgot my camera and I had to use Kelsea's. She was really great about it, and she has a nice camera, But I know my camera...and I know how to use my camera next time it won't be forgotten, and I WILL take more pictures...LOL Also I didn't take one picture with me in the picture...
I need to give a special thanks to all the people who came, and stayed to support us in this. I really enjoyed lunch with the Watson family, and Ms Laura on Saturday. I really felt like I was part of something special being there. I'm so glad that Ms Jessica, and Summer were able to make in on Saturday, and Sunday.Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Last but not least...really it was my most favorite part, and you might not believe it....Me, and Lynsey talked the whole entire time we were in the car...I mean really over an hour down, an hour back, an hour down, and an hour back...that's over 4 hours of non stop talking about nothing really..we never listened to the radio...Kelsea, and Bethany would pipe in sometimes...we refer to them as the peanut gallery...LOL Those moments in the car with the girls will be some of the best memories for me...and that makes them priceless...LOL

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Echo, you crack me up! I am so proud for you and the girls. They are beautiful! And so are their costumes.