Monday, February 15, 2010

BHS Pageant

Lynsey entered the BHS Pageant this year. She is a Junior, and has never been in a school pageant. She was very excited to be allowed to do this. This is the picture we gave to the PTSA for the program. I took it the day before it was due down at the dance studio. It was a good picture of Lynsey.

So many decisions have to be made when you do a pageant. Like dress, hair, make-up, shoes, ect. It is enough to drive a Meme crazy. Anyway, we tried her hair down, and up. In the end we liked it up best. So, I did a french twist in the back.

She loves the bumpit. I thought she did a nice job on her make-up.

Daddy bought her the earrings, and picked out the dress. I think she looks lovely.

I only got this one photo of Lynsey with someone else, and it happens to be with Bethany.

Lynsey didn't place, and she was sad for a little bit, but in the end she's glad she did it. However she was very happy for Erica. She placed 1st runner up in the Freshman division. Congrats to Erica. She looked really beautiful as well.

Of course Noah had to get a picture with his woman.LOL His shirt says 'The Ladies Love Me'.

I really enjoyed the experience myself. I spent alot of time with Lynsey planning, and working on pageant stuff. The only thing I didn't really like is that when the pageant was over we went to the locker room...Yuck! The winners were on stage and the girls were in the locker room talking about the girls that won. Teenage girls can be so mean. But what I just couldn't believe was the Mothers were just as bad. I leaned over to Lynsey and said 'Don't say a word.' I feel like if you want to give an opinion about anything that's fine, but not mean. Don't get me wrong we talked after the pageant about the going ons. But we did it in private, and we were not mean. I feel like that was a good chance on how to teach your daughters not to be mean girls, and how to be happy for your friends. I mean all those girls were friends. With those kind of friends who needs enemies...LOL I would chalk it up to teenagers, but what excuse can I give the Mothers?
Pat, Amanda, and Courtney came out to watch the pageant. Lynsey was really excited and happy about this. Courtney, and Amanda went backstage before she went on. Lynsey thinks they are so cool. (and they are) I know Courtney took pictures, and when I get them I will post them.


GoodyGang said...

She looks beautiful! just being able to get up there and be so brave makes her a winner.

gigi said...

Wow she is so grown and so beautiful! Great pictures and great post.