Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh Michael..

Tickets went on sale know I was R-E-A-D-Y!
I love this photo because he looks so real.

He's coming on July 11, 2010..It will be a total girls night out. Just me, Amanda, and Gigi..

I can't wait to see him do this move.

I went back and forth with myself about telling you about the seats we got. I mean I don't want to come of bragging or anything...but okay I'll tell you. See this seating chart?

Well we will be sitting in Section F6, Row 17, Seats 10, 11, and 12.
Yeah Baby....try not to be haters....LOL


gigi said...

I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel so loved that you and Amanda would let me go with yall! Best Valentine gift I ever bought myself :)
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

That is so exciting!! I just want to know how you got such great tickets!! I hope you have a ton of fun!!!

I love reading your blog Echo!!
You do such a great job!!