Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Sister, My friend.

Where does Harmony's name come from? Elton John 'Harmony'(yellow brick road album)

When I was a kid I really thought Elton John was talking about me and Harmony. (like I was singing the song)I mean he did 'echo' hello hello, and me and Harmony were pretty good company, and Harmony gee I really love ya and I'm gonna love ya forever. (see my point)

Well as you know my Sister Harmony and I had a horrible fight last month while I was visiting in Pennsylvania. We spoke on Thanksgiving, and got into even a bigger fight over the phone.

For those of you who really truly know me I know this comes as a shock. I mean I have been telling people for years not to fight with their siblings or family. It's just not worth it. I always used my sister and I's relationship as the example. I know the people closest to me felt like 'shut up you and your sister's relationship is different' I heard that so much that I started to take a closer look at other women with their sisters. Yep we had a truly wonderful, exceptional relationship.

We have always been very close in age. I was born in July 1975, and she was born in January 1977. That is only 18 months apart. (Yes my parents were very busy. My brother came in Feb. 1979. That was only 25 months later.)
Being very close in age was not what made us so close. I mean I was the older sister, and everything I got to do she got to do. Anything that I had to wait to do like shave, date, ect. She got to do right after I did. That was a pain. Also, we shared a room the entire time we lived at home. I was always heavy, and she was always thin and beautiful. I hated that. When we would fight she would call me fat, and I would tell her that she didn't have any friends. We would always make up right away, and it would be like nothing ever happened.
As adults we always lived really close. We even lived together for awhile. Then I went to Georgia, and she and her husband worked things out. We have remained close. We talked everyday twice a day. She was my sister, and my best friend. I was very lucky.

As adults I only ever remember 2 big fights:
1- (1998) Was over seeing her at Easter. It was really a bad fight between us. Then my brother died and we just let it go. We both felt bad for fighting. Life is two short.
2- (2002) Was about the kids while we were camping. We said some really rotten things to each other that I will not repeat. But the next morning we said our I'm sorries let's never do that again and everything was fine.

Since then we have always been on the same side right wrong or indifferent. There has only been three women that I would 'hold hands into the sunset with no matter what' and my sister Harmony was the first.

Now it is 2008 and we are in our 3rd fight but it is the biggest fight of our life. Are we older and more stubborn? No I don't think thats what it is. You see during the other times we were thrown back together, just like when we were kids. You know right after the fight within a couple of days it was like hello here we are together so we need to make up. But this time is different because we are separated. I don't think anything worse happened here than happened before, I just think we are not together. If I lived there and our lives were intertwined then we would have made up by now. But that is not the case, and here we are.

My life just hasn't been the same since I left Pennsylvania this last time.
I am going to leave you with a wonderful Elton John Song 'Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word'

Harmony I love you, I miss you, and I am really sorry.


gigi said...

You know, satan hates it when families are together. It's his greatest joy when he can rip families apart. Don't let him win this one. I've thought about you a lot lately and was so hoping that you had worked things out. Keep trying. Love ya!

gigi said...

Wishing you a very blessed New Year! Love ya.