Friday, December 5, 2008

Rocket Man and Piano Man

John and Joel first toured together in 1994, and their most recent Face 2 Face outing was a sold-out, 24-date trek in 2003.
"I love touring with Billy," John said in a statement. "I have the greatest respect for him and we're such good friends."
Added Joel: "The great thing about performing with Elton is that he is such a good piano player and that makes me have to dig deep to keep up with him. Not to mention, I've got the best seat in the house--only one piano away from Elton John!"
According to promoters, John and Joel plan to open on twin pianos and trade vocals on a series of duets. A headlining set by each artist with his own band will follow. The shows will end with an encore featuring both headliners and their backing bands.

I am very excited because these two wonderful people are touring together again, and they are coming to our area. Yeah Baby! The tickets will go on sale tomorrow morning. I am totally going to be sitting at the computer ready to push the button. I hope to get really great seats. However, it is all luck, and I have not been feeling lucky lately.

I asked Amanda to go to this concert and she said yes. Then I called Gigi and she said no. Then Amanda asked Courtney and she said no.

Then last night I said to my husband 'Amanda and I are going to try and get tickets to see Elton John, and Billy Joel.' He says 'Hey I want to see them.' He sucks the fun right from me. I say 'You can be the third wheel.' He is totally okay with that. However, now Amanda has backed out. Oh well. This will not ruin my fun. All I know is I am going to see them even if I have to go alone. Amanda and I will always have Michael Buble.

Does anyone else want to go?

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gigi said...

I'm so sorry. I was so flattered that you called and asked :0) I just so hate Billy Joel and barely tolerate Elton John. But I'm right there with ya as soon as Buble' starts up again!!