Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gifts, Gifts, Memories, and Gifts!

Christmas is here. I love and hate this time of year. I love to watch my family get all excited. I love the hussle and bussle of the season. Most of all I love the wonderful gift that Heavenly Father gave to us when Jesus came to earth. I love the story of baby Jesus being born, and I love to think about how Joseph must have felt. I think Joseph really had a great love for Heavenly Father, Mary, and Jesus. He was a true example to me in my life as how to be a step parent.

Now for what I hate. I hate the feelings that come with gift giving. I hate thinking that my presents are not good enough, which leads to thoughts of I'm not good enough. Did I buy the right presents? Will my children feel like it is a great Christmas? Will the adults in my life really know how much they mean to me?

Over the years I have been given some really wonderful gifts, and some not so wonderful gifts. I am always truly grateful for all the gifts wanted or unwanted. I know that it really is the thought that counts. I would like to think back on some really great and not so great presents that I have recieved in my lifetime. (if you didn't make the list I'm sorry, If you made the not great list I'm sorry and I love you)

When I was a kid there were some toys that I got as a kid that I really remeber:

a troll that had on pink pjs that glow in the dark from my Dad (or that was what mom said)
a stuffed ant with a bonnet (I called her auntie, and I remember pulling her out of the bag at Grandma's house but I think she was from Santa)
a cabbage patch doll (the year they were really a hot item)
a Annie doll (barbie sized), Daddy Warbucks, and a car (Grandma Leon gave them to me I think)
I have a picture somewhere of me hugging an electric banket on Christmas morning.(from Mom)
Grandma Leon was always the best at buying us what we wanted like one year she bought the family an Atari. That was so great. We played that thing for hours. Then on a different year she bought us a nintendo. Oh we loved that thing to. My Dad loved both of those things. I remember Pappy Leon used to say 'I could drive that plane for real.' We believed him. ( I miss him)

As an adult:
Grandma bought me the comforter set I wanted with colorful fish all over. (I really loved that set)
Grandma also bought me a great set of pots one year.
Grandma would also buy me an angel every year for my collection. (I miss that)
Grandma always sends money now and Mom says I should go and buy my own angel and I do but it is not the same.
The Christmas after my brother died Harmony gave me an incense burner. It totally made me think of him. She is such a thoughtful gift giver.
The next wasn't a Christmas gift but it was a gift. Amanda bought me a pin that had Minnie and Daisy on it with the letters BFF on it. The day she gave it to me truly touched my heart. It was the day I knew she really meant all the times she called me her BFF.
My Mother In Law Pat gets the family a great present. For the last three years she has rented a house at a vacation location, and the whole family (all 20 something of us) goes and stays together for a whole week. I love love love this gift. This has really helped bring our family together.

Some of the gifts that were not quite right: (remember it's the thought that counts)
Chris bought me a really pretty necklace. However, it was a chocker and it didn't fit.
Andrew bought me a silk like night gown when he was like 10 and it was way way to small. I opened it and said 'I love it thank you so much' Chris said 'That is not going to fit on your leg' I said 'Shut up it is to I love it. The color is wonderful.' andrew was just beaming. The night gown wouldn't have fit on my thigh but that is not the point.
Andrew bought me and angel. It was the first black angel I ever had. (I still have it and love it)
The kids buy me things like back scratchers, pot holders, and dish towels.

All I asked this year for Christmas was for my children to clean the house on Christmas Eve. I hope they come through for me. It would take away so much pressure.

To all of you out there from all of us at my house have a safe and happy holiday season. I hope that Heavenly Father will bless you this year, and that you will all love one another.


gigi said...

This was so funny, Hope you get what you really want. Merry Christmas!

UtahGma&Gpa said...

Echo, I love to read your blog. I feel I get to know you a little better each time. Did Santa bring Bethany a Harajuku doll? I know it was a great christmas for your family. Did you have all of the children for christmas? Much love to you guys! Aunt Carolyn