Thursday, November 11, 2010


Well Bethany went to get her hair cut last week. Emma's Mom cut it. Noah was so happy to get Emma's phone number. He really misses her since she switched schools. We invited her over for dinner, and to play the Wii. Noah requested hot dogs, and mac&cheese. He said that's what ladies like. So, after dinner they all went back to play the Wii. Bethany and Emma played the Wii while Noah played with my guitar trying to write a song for Emma....LOL
She really was shy around Noah, and really played with Bethany....until it was time to leave. She was walking out the door, turned around and said 'Noah if you want to say good-bye you have to catch me'....LOL I never saw him jump up so fast in all my life...LOL he caught up with her, and of course bear hugged her, and picked her up off the ground...LOL....She knew he was going to do that. Chris said he thought he saw him give her a kiss on the cheek, but it was dark and I couldn't tell. Emma's Mom just laughed and said we will have to get together again....
Emma was the little girl that came to Noah's Birthday party. There is also a really cute story, and picture with Noah holding hands with Emma on the bus in Pre-K. This is where he tells me he would like to marry Emma....LOL

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