Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Hayride 2009

I really wasn't into Halloween this year..well really for about 6 or 7 years..Even as an adult I loved to dress up..I need to find some pictures.. but since I have the kids I just quit. Maybe next year. But we are not talking about what I may or may not do next year we are here to see what I did this year...So on with the blogging already.

Are you ever to old to dress up for Halloween? or are you ever to old to trick or treat? Well the answer my children would give to both questions is 'NO'.....
I really don't care if they teens want to dress up for Halloween, but I do feel when you get a certain age you need to worry about your own costumes....So Lynsey created this costume almost all by herself...I only made the under skirting out of some tulle that she bought...
She was so proud of the costume. She said 'Look Meme I can be a really cute bunny without being trashy.' Yes you can Lynsey...I'm so glad trashy isn't what you were going for...hee hee

I love the fake eyelashes...

Next up we have Noah. He wanted to be a skeleton. Sometimes he was a scary skeleton, and sometimes he was a lovable skeleton. I love the orange crocs.

Kelsea kind of got the hint about being old enough to worry about her own costume when I wasn't worried about it at all. I did iron the letters on the shirt, and helped with the hair. She is a Florida Gator fan.

Christopher's Gackie was nice enough to take care of his costume. He is the emperor of evil. Whatever that is he loved it. What I love about it is that I think we can change it up next year to be like a vampire or something. I love recycled costumes.

Okay last but not least we have Bethany. Now if you read my blog you now she is crazy head over heels for Harajuku. So we created a 'harajuku' costume.
I now present Harajuku Bethany....Ta Da
I guess she really looks like she could've stepped off the 'Lady Marmalade' video..hee hee

We already had all the odds and ends all we purchased for this one of a kind costume was the teeny tiny top hat.

This is the kids all together acting silly.

I am dressed as a person from the movie 'Signs'. I have my tinfoil hat on so the aliens can't read my thoughts. I had fun wearing this hat. It made me realize that I want to dress for Halloween next year.

Now that photos are done at the house it was on to the other Kirkland's house for the annual Halloween times I tell ya, fun times..
See the lovable Skeleton, and the pretty Princess.
(Noah, and Maddi showing some love.)
I thought Emma Mae was a princess too, but she was kind enough to correct me and tell me she was a 'Barbie'. She sure is cute enough to be a barbie isn't she? (also appearing in this photo is the now confused skeleton...Hee Hee)
This is the what a great kid Skeleton, and Anakin Skywalker...a.k.a young dark vader...a.k.a. Cooper... I love this mask it was awesome.
What you see in this picture is alot of kids really excited to be on this hayride, what you don't see is the dude driving this hayride getting very aggravated that I wasn't getting on so we could go already....LOL you know I love you Josh...
Me looking horrible snuggling with the lovable skeleton.
Me and my princess Maddi, and the lovable skeleton
My second annual 'only me and Maddi photo'...Hee Hee
This is creepy creeperton skeleton...
Pretty Pretty Princess Maddi ruler of all the kingdom...well second in command to the wonderful Queen Amanda....LOL
Harajuku Bethany loving her some Barbie Emma Mae

The bunny and her dolls...
I love that I got this picture of the two of them together. I remember their first Halloween together...Oh I must find those pictures..If I remember correctly Jonathon was a bear, and Bethany was dressed as Baby Jesus...How time they are Dementor Jonathon, and Harajuku Bethany...

You know this looks like a ton of fun doesn't it....Maybe we will see you next year...

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Anonymous said...

Echo your relatives in the west really enjoyed these pictures. They are great. Love your explanation of each picture. Auntie B