Monday, November 9, 2009

9 really 9 years!

Chris and I got married on November 18, 2000. It has been 9 years. Sometimes it feels like a very long time. Sometimes it feels like yesterday. Sometimes I feel like he is the most perfect person for me, and that I made the right choice for myself. We won't talk about the other times...Just kidding. Marriage is tough, and I am not always the best. But I love him, and that's enough.

Last Christmas the Oceanside Inn & Suites asked us to D.J. their Christmas party. In exchange they would give us a gift certificate for a 2 night stay at their hotel on Jekyll Island. I know it's pretty AWESOME! We hadn't used it all year, and we thought our 9th anniversary was a great time to cash it in. We got a great room.....

We stayed in room 106 on the second floor.
This is what you see when you first walk in. What you can't see in this picture is that there is a desk to my left, and a giant flat screen T.V. hanging on the wall to my right. (it does get awesomer)
Then right in front of the bed is the bathroom. Yes I know it's teeny tiny your right, but I mean you don't really spend alot of time in there.

Next past the 1/2 wall you have a fold out couch. It is nice and cozy.

Across from the couch in another giant flat screen T.V. on top of what is holding a microwave, fridge, and coffee maker. Then there is a table and two chairs. Doesn't it look great. At this point you may be asking yourself two questions: 1.) wasn't that bathroom tiny? and 2.) what are those steps for to the right of the picture? Well my friends I will tell you.... (scroll down)

Our own huge tub!!

This bad boy took alot of water to fill, but it was one of the most AWESOMEST things on the whole trip.
Yes it has giant mirrors all the way around. Some might love the idea of these mirrors.

Another really great thing about our room was the balcony with the view. Isn't this breath taking?

After we checked out of the room and got everything in order we went to the Raw Bar for dinner. We had raw oysters, and low country boil. Yummy Yummy Yummy. The restaurant in on the Wharf, and it is wonderful. (I should have taken pictures maybe next time)
On Saturday morning we slept in alittle. Then we got up and saw people biking on that path you can see in the view picture. Anyway we thought about doing that. Then we had a better idea. I wanted to get my hair done, and Chris wanted a massage. So we called The Jekyll Island Hair & Spa and they squeezed us in.

This is my before picture....

This is Chris' before picture....

And this is me After....

This is Chris' after

He got a massage, and a shave....
This is me trying to get a good picture of might be asking yourself what was Chris doing? Well look at the upper left hand corner....

Look behind me...He was totally chillin' out after that massage.

Needless to say I really loved the way my hair turned out. Sandra Harden did a really great job. It makes me want to drive over every time I need my hair done.

Chris and I went to the Raw Bar again Saturday night for dinner. Yes there were other places to go, but we love that place. He also bought me a couple of items at the Trading Post. Which is a jewelry store on the island. I got a silver bracelet, earring, a necklace, and a pendant. I tried to take pictures. I have them here but they didn't turn out really well but you get the idea.

Remember when I said the huge tub on one of the most awesomest things on the trip. Well the other most awesomest thing was the way we were after we left the island. We just found that spark, that love feeling. I feel like we are on the same page. I hope it stays like that for awhile....

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