Friday, September 12, 2008

The most terrible picture ever!!

This is the worst picture of me I think I have ever seen in my whole life. I realize some of you would not know it was me, then again I think I am the only one surprise by how yucky I look. Lynsey put this on her blog. Thank alot Lynsey. If I would have had this picture when I did the 13 reasons it sucks to be fat I would have put it there.

Have a great weekend yall, and don't forget to sign up for the giveaway.


Amanda said...

That picture was very poorly taken. I don't think you can blame yourself for how it turned out. Anyone would have looked a little rough in that position.

gigi said...

I saw that picture on Lindsey's blog but all I noticed was how darn cute Noah was!

kathy said...

It looks like you just birthed him, and he came out that big!

Boy that would hurt!