Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend at the R Ranch

Well as you know we were asked to go to the R Ranch with are good friends the Wallace's for Labor Day weekend. It was a really nice place. It took about 6 hrs to get there. The mountains where beautiful. The ranch is a very family friendly place. There are alot of activities, and alot of children.

We stayed in the Rainbow Cabins. We were at cabin number 807.

For those of you that wanted to see my new van here is a picture. We had the hitch put on the back and so Chris was able to carry more of our stuff.

This is the side view of the cabin. It was very small but at the same time it was just big enough.

This is the frontal view. It had a really nice fire ring, but we didn't use it because it was to hot outside. It also had a picnic table on the front porch. On the second day security said we couldn't had the towels on the front porch. They didn't give a reason we just had to take them down.

This is a picture of what the loft looked like from the bottom floor. It was really shiny. It was very nice.

This is the kitchen. It only had a 2 burner stove top, a dorm fridge, and a small sink. We brought the rest of what we needed except we had to borrow a knife, and a big spoon. Kim was also nice enough and picked my stuff up at WalMart. I know I said the cabin was small but we loved it. You really knew you were in the mountains. It was a great rustic feeling. No TV, No Phone, Nothing but family friends and relaxing. I loved it.

We went over to Robbie and Kim's campsite and the kids played in the creek. Noah comes back and says Mama I need 11 cents so I can buy a crab. I said Noah you don't need to buy a crab you can catch one. He was so excited. I guess some of the children were trying to sell their treasures from the creek.

Bethany wasn't to sure about getting in the creek. She can be such a city girl.

Christopher on the other hand can't get enough of the creek. Noah and Christopher love anything that is wet, muddy, or gross.

Once she got in she said it was kinda good.

I do not know why, but Christopher, and Noah think that rocks are treasures. They wanted to bring them home.

This is a horrible picture of me. However, I think that you should know that this picture really shows to sides of myself. One side is I love to play activity director for my family and I am check out the activity flyer. Second, I love the Nintendo DS. I love love love the Zelda game. I can't get enough of it. My goal was to keep Christopher busy so I could play his DS. It worked most of the time. On Sunday night the DS needed charged. So after everyone went to bed I sat out in the van from 11pm until 1:55am playing the DS. Yes it was dark, and yes I have watched to many scary movies in my life because I was really afraid. When I decided to get out of the van and go into the cabin I was really running. I kept thinking that something was lurking and it was going to get me. Of course nothing was there and everything was fine, but that didn't stop me from being afraid.

We got up at 8:15 am on Monday and we had everything and everyone packed and ready to go by 9:00am. I think that is a record for us. We went to a really great breakfast place called Danny's Fine Dinning. The dinning wasn't really 'fine' it was more of what I call 'down home'. The food was awesome. Noah wanted 2 pancakes and 1 egg. I told him he could have 1 pancake and 1 egg. Bethany got 2 pancakes. Well Noah finished his whole breakfast. Bethany didn't finish all of hers. So, Noah went over and slid his plate in front of himself and said 'Now watch how I break this down.' He than finished all of her pancakes. (I think she had a whole pancake left.) I just don't know how he didn't get sick.

On the way home we stopped at the Bass Pro Shop. I think it was larger than any Bass Pro Shop. It was bigger than our WalMart. WOW. My husband was in hog heaven. I got him a pair of camo Crocs, a beach towel with a deer on it, and he bought this lovely outfit.

Doesn't he look like something off of a Scooby Doo cartoon.
I think he should go as a tree for Halloween.

Now a couple of things about the Ranch. We loved it. I am just not sure if we love it enough to become owners. I mean when would we drive 6 hrs just for the weekend. Then again Chris really loves to hunt in the mountains. Maybe if we went like 4 times a year and he went up there to hunt 2 times a year. I don't know. Maybe we will just be invited as guests again.


gigi said...

Glad yall had such a fun weekend. Having boys I have washed more rocks than I want to remember. Boys just love rocks in their pockets.

Reluctant Housewife said...

Looks fun. That's a lovely cabin. I love the camouflage outfit. You're absolutely right - it's totally Scooby Doo.

Robbie said...

That outfit is very scary!!! I'm glad you guys had a good time. I want us to go again soon. Maybe when the leaves start to change. I also plan some dude trips up there to just hang out, lie and talk about women....LOL