Friday, September 5, 2008

Fun Fabulous Factual Friday (Radio Edition)

I love the Radio. I listen to the radio online at work because we are in middle of the basement and get no reception.
On with the story.

John, Dave, Bubba, Shelly, or some similar combination ruled Pittsburgh mornings for the better part of 10 years.

Some memories about Bubba:

Steelers playing the Seahawks this week:

The B morning show once had Bubba rub his rear end on the midfield logo on the air to bring the Steelers good luck for Sunday.

The Steelers then lost to the Seahawks that Sunday, and "Bubba's Unlucky Butt" was coined.

So they sent him to Cleveland where he snuck/trespassed into their stadium one morning to have him rub his butt on anything that said Browns while chanting "CLEVELAND SUCKS!"... while the entire Browns team was within earshot, practicing on the field. Good times.

I can still remember Bubba swimming across the river when it was freezing cold out. The rest of the show watched from their nice, warm studios that used to sit on top of Mount Washington; I always looked forward to Halloween and the morning show staying over night at a haunted place with Mr. Charles (psychic) and Bubba ALWAYS becoming possessed with a spirit.

We lived on top of a mountain with a lot of trees. So, when we were at home we couldn’t pick up B94 all the time. However, every morning we would get on the bus at 6:30am and listen to B94 all the way to school. We would get to school at 7:15am. Then after school we would listen to B94 from 2:30 pm until we got off the bus just before 4:00pm.
(Yes I know it is a long time on the bus, but we had to stop and pick up the elementary)

The first couple of times I went from Georgia to Pennsylvania to visit I knew I was getting close when I could pick up B94 on the radio. Then on one of our trips home I turned on B94 when I knew we were close enough and ….. it was gone. Just gone. I remember being really upset about it. I needed to find out what happened. The answer was nothing happened it was just gone. It was sad.

Then today as I was clicking on my internet radio I decided that if it was gone where did Bubba go? I mean he was the funniest, and sometimes I need a lot of funny.
So Hello Google. And guess what. B94 is back. Well its alittle different but for the most part it is back and they are on the internet.

Buckhead and Bubba from 7am – 10am. I am looking forward to listening.
I see a new day is dawning. Hee Hee

Most of the time I listen to Bob and Sheri in the morning, and they are okay. However, sometimes you just need something different, and sometimes I like to listen to really new popular music.

Anyway, another of my favorites is from Charolette, NC. They are on from 10-2pm

I love Candy and Potter. I think they are so funny. They do a phone scam everyday at Noon. If nothing else you must tune in for that. Or you could just click on this link to listen

Hair Loss Phone Scam

Telemarketing Phone Scam;jsessionid=a630ce23d0228edfa2cc1a3f23306c5d1161

I thought the Phone Scams were so funny that when they sold a CD of them at Christmas time to raise money for charity I bought two of them. I gave one to Leah before she left and I still have the other.

By the way I am coming up on my 100th post. I want to give a give away. Stay tuned.

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gigi said...

Echo, just wanted to say thank you for your very sweet comments and e=mails. They have meant so much coming from you, because I know you REALLY, REALLY know what is going on and how we really feel. Bless you! and Bless your little family. All my love, giig