Saturday, December 4, 2010

PTA Movie Night at the School!

The PTA sponsored Movie Night at the school. It was open to Kindergarten through the 2nd grades. We watched a bunch of Christmas movies, and sold snacks.

As you can see the children were really really excited.

This is Melissa May our PTA leader. She was busy popping popcorn all night. We just could never have enough. Also, on the table beside her was some other things we were selling at the concession stand.

This is Jonathon donating his time, and energy to this wonderful cause....LOL

Kids love the idea of hanging with their friends in the cafeteria, watching movies, being able to sit where they want, and they can also talk to each other....good times.

Noah just had to have these fun glasses.

"Give Me A Kiss"....LOL
All Madi wanted to do is have a snack and sit by Avery.

But this little boy was sitting by Avery....LOL
Noah found another little person that loved the glasses as much as he did.

This cute little one fell asleep at the very beginning, and slept through snacks, and movies....He was so upset when it was time to go...he felt like he missed everything.
Madi thought the glasses were great too!

The three of them just couldn't get enough....LOL

I give this wonderful event 2 thumbs up....LOL

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