Friday, December 3, 2010

Camera Phone pics.....yes again

Some of these pictures are old, and some are new. I don't think I have ever put any of these on my blog....enjoy!!
I think what ever these little toys are called are for little girls. Not medium sized girls...LOL I asked Bethany why she would stick it in her ear? She told me she didn't Aunt Courtney put it in her ear?.....I don't know? This is a little outfit Bethany threw together one morning.....she is so sassy!
My Dad sent this to me....however, he gave me no information. So, I don't know who it is? or where it was? or if that small boy killed that very large bear?
This is my new wedding band. Chris got it for me while we were on our trip. The old band was to large, and fell off my hand. It is really 5 bands together. You can look at it as 1 band for each of the kids, or 1 band for every 2 years we were to which answer is correct.....well that depends on who I am happiest with at the moment ....LOL
Christopher likes to take pictures of himself with my cell phone to send them to Alex....

Once he has sent the picture she lets him know if it is good enough, or if he needs to send another....LOL
This is Alex..a.k.a. Baby Girl....anything she sends has to be beautiful, or else!! LOL
Harmony sent me this picture of Braxton's art work for Thanksgiving. Can you see me?
M.J. just got this jacket with Lil' Angel on it. Bethany is green over it....LOL
Harmony also sent this to me to brag about only paying $5.00 for it on ebay.....I'm green over it too!
Shelby sent this to Bethany to show her candy stash she got from trick or treating....LOL
Harmony looked out her window one afternoon and saw a wolf wearing flip flops crawling through her yard...she was so scared, and sent me a picture....I was scared for her too!!
Harmony got a double dose of fright when a wondering vampire kitty showed up too!!
Jonathon came to play a while back, and I don't really know how Bethany talked him into wearing this mermaid outfit? He sure does love him some Bethany.
This picture happened so long ago that I don't really remember anything about it (maybe Amanda knows?). All I know is this is Emma Mae, and I love this picture...LOL

If you didn't make it in my camera phone pic post this time, all I can say is maybe next time. Send me a pic, or remind me to take one of you the next time around...LOL

I can't wait to hear some comments....if you know any back stories on any of these, please feel free to make a comment....LOL

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