Tuesday, December 7, 2010

PTA Christmas Celebration at the School!

We went to the School's Christmas Celebration. All the kids were going to sing a song, and we were going to have a snack.
Emma Mae was really excited....

The 4th graders sang 'Jingle Bell Rock'. Bethany was very excited about being on stage.

(to the left of Bethany is Seth, and to the right is Ashely)

Jonathon wasn't sure of the words, so he read them from the paper. Mr. Lawson said they learned 'Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree' but the teachers changed the song at the last minute. He really told us that over the mic at the end....LOL
(in the front left is Jaycee)

This is were Jonathon really starts to get into the song...LOL

The first graders sang 'Must Be Santa'. This was very good, they had arm movements and everything...LOL

I feel like we are playing 'Where's Jackson?' Do you see him?
There he is!

Now we are playing 'Where's Madi?' do you see her?
Silly she's the cutest reindeer on the stage!!

When I got to Madi's room to pick her up I said 'I'm here to pick up the cutest reindeer.' The teacher said 'Saying the cutest reindeer could be a problem.' I said 'It isn't if it's true.'....LOL
I mean really look at her, it doesn't get any cuter...LOL
We had to get a picture with our favorite Kindergarten teacher, who happens to be Avery's Mom...LOL
When I got to the 1st grade to pick up Noah he was upset that I picked him up last....LOL
This is one upset Santa...
Jackson was glad to see us. He was getting worried that I wasn't going to come and get him.....LOL
These are some happy kids.
We all went to the cafeteria for a snack.
Emma Mae can't wait until she can be in a Christmas program.
Now Santa is happy!
I think they should always have the kids do a presentation. There was a really good turn out. It was the most people I have ever seen at the school.

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gigi said...

Wonderful day and pictures of some wonderful children. Thank you for sharing these. Love yall.