Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!!

This year for my birthday was in Pennsylvania. I turned 35 this year. I don't feel 35...
I really wanted a Birthday party. So, my Mom made arrangements with Linda to have it a Turner's. They hired a karaoke D.J., and a ton of people showed up....I wish I had more pictures, but you know I always wish there was more pictures...LOL
This is me and some of my friends from the party. Back row right to left: Ashley (this is Harmony's friend she seems really nice), Harmony (my sister), Me (I have to say I love this picture of me), Becky (she is my cousin), Front row right to left: Casey (she is a friend of Harmony's I meet her last year, she is a nice girl), Amanda (she is a cousin from Ohio, she loves to take pictures), and Natica (I consider her a very good friend, I worked with her for a long time, she has such a cute family, and I was really excited to see her)
This is Me, George, and Harmony. George is our cousin. We love George, I can never seem to get enough of him when we are together. He is the same age as me. We were close when we were kids. He was really close to my brother Jimmy. George and I have had some pretty serious talks over the years, and that has created a bond. Once he told me 'I never had sisters, so I always thought of you and Harmony as sisters'...I'm so glad he said that...I've always thought of him as my other day I will write a great post about him, but this is suppose to be about me....LOL
Dad, Me, and Mom
Teresa, and Me...I'm so glad that she came...I hadn't seen her is awhile...I wish her sister Tina would have come as well, but she totally flaked on me...LOL
Me, and Toni...Toni has been my best friend since 5th grade. We lived together at one time, and she has been with me a long time....We have not hung out, or talked in a while, but as soon as we were together it felt like no time had past....

This is my Dad, Aunt Cindy, and Aunt Sandy.....Aunt Cindy, and Aunt Sandy are Dad's oldest sisters....They are singing 'I Got You Babe'....LOL
I'm so glad that they came....
My Mom, and Dad....I'm so glad they are friends now.
George, Sam, and some guy I didn't know...LOL
Sam thought she was like a rock star. She started tipping her mic more and more....
Me, and my Uncle Greg...This is Tim's Brother...LOL okay it's my Dad's youngest brother. They are all brothers. Uncle Greg had a really good time. I feel like I must tell you what happen after he got home...LOL

Has you can see he was feeling pretty good...LOL When he got home he ate out of the fridge. I mean right out of the fridge, left the fork and everything. He went into his family room, and flipped through the channels, and decided to go to bed. Crawled into bed, and burped right into Aunt Michelle's face. She hollers at him and tells him to go sleep somewhere else...So he goes to Greggie's old room. Rolls around, and gets nice and comfy...Then Aunt Michelle thinks oh my all Greggie's wedding stuff was in there. She goes in and there he is wrapped up in Judy's Wedding dress out like a light....LOL He just went in there and wrapped himself up in what he thought was blankets...LOL
Dad, and George

George, and Uncle Greg

George, and I singing 'Pictures'. We kind of look like Kid Rock, and Sheryl Crow don't we?

Me, and Zeek...Wow! This was a blast from the past. I hadn't seen Zeek in more than 10 years. He was really good friends with my brother. I have to say I was alittle freaked out. I just kept looking at him, and hugged him several times.

Sam, and Chris
Karaoke D.J. Jimmy
It was a good time. There was alot more people there then I have pictures of. It was standing room only. Karaoke was a huge success...They totally should have it more often...or they could just wait until the next time I come into town...LOL

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry I missed it! You're mom and dad look great! George and Zeek look great! I am crying just from the pictures! Harmony, Becky, Sam and Toni, Sis and Cindy, Greg!!! How awesome! Love it! -Lisa