Sunday, July 18, 2010

Farmer's Market (south of Atlanta)

Chris and I decided to go to the Farmer's Market south of Atlanta on Saturday. I had read on the Internet that they were open on Saturday from 6am-Noon....this was untrue...they are open 364 days a year...and they have alot to sell.
When we got there we went to talk to someone in the visitor center to find out what to do. She gave us a map, and instructions. She was really helpful. She showed us were to go to get local. Yes that's right they have all the Georgia Local Farmers together...I love buying local. Then she showed us where to go after. Like all the South Carolina, and Florida farmers were together...and so on.....

This is what it looks like. The produce is on platforms, and there is a lane on each side to park, and two lanes down the middle for driving.

Here is a really great example of the deal we got on all this stuff. See these giant boxes of green peppers? Well they look pretty good don't they? Here have a closer look....

We paid $14.00 for the whole box....I thought that was pretty good. We bought 2 boxes..

These are sebennaro peppers. They were $10.00 for a half bushel. We bought 1 box.

We bought alot of stuff like.....
50 lbs of carrots -18.00
25 lbs of tomatoes -14.00
50 lbs of vidallia onions - 40.00
25 lbs of peaches - 15.00
20 lbs of heirloom tomatoes - 10.00
20 lbs of cherry tomatoes - 10.00
50 lbs of peas - 16.00 (not shelled)
bushel of snap beans - 15.00
1/2 bushel okra - 10.00
50 ears of silver queen corn - 10.00
There really is to many things to write about. I loved going up there. I can't wait to go again. They have a nursery and we bought a yellow plum tree, and some rose bushes, and some azalea bushes. I will take pictures of that stuff and post another time. It took about 4 and a half hours to get there but it was totally worth it.
We stopped in Warner Robins and eat with Jeff and Lisa. I wish I would have taken just one picture with them or of them....I'm so lame.....


gigi said...

I so wish I would have let you get me a few more things. All your pictures are great, you go girl!!

echoeve said...

Chris and I are going to go up again in late September, or October...We would like to get some fruit trees, and apples....

Lisa said...

WOW!! All those vegetables. I canned some tomaotes a few weeks ago, but nearly as many as you. Today I will be canning pickles and peach pie filling. Canning is a lot of work, but well worth it.