Friday, June 18, 2010


This is the duet that Lynsey and Erica did this year. It was called 'Roomies'. The song was 'What Is This Feeling?' from the musical 'Wicked'. It was choreographed by Ms. Jessica. This dance won 6th overall at Showstoppers. It was the cutest little dance. Lynsey, and Erica really had their parts down. I loved the wig on Lynsey. We kept thinking we were going to have problems with it staying on, but we didn't. Linda (Erica's Mom) made the props, and altered the costumes. I'm so glad they did this. You will have to wait until I post the video...LOL

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gigi said...

All of your scrapbook pages are adorable. You really do have the cutest kids.
What scrapbook program do you use?