Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kirkland Sweet Cucumber Relish

This stuff is so really I'm not kidding. This stuff is so yummy! You might be asking yourself, how much relish can one person eat? The answer is alot! You can use is on hot dogs, hamburgers, any kind of sandwich that you would put pickles, tuna fish, chicken salad, potato salad, egg salad, or if you just want alittle get yourself a spoon and have just alittle. Which sounds gross, but with the lap band pickles are a no go, and sometimes I just want a pickle...LOL

I called my mother-in-law and asked her where did this recipe come from? In a nut shell she told me she was tired of making pickles because they took 14 days, and she was chopping them up anyway to put in her stuff. So, she thought she would just do what was easier...LOL I do love easier.

Since the cucumbers have been coming in so well this year we have been getting together to do relish. Josh and Amanda were so smart to grow them on this fence. Next year Chris and I are going to help with the planting process.

We get together once a week to do the relish. How much relish have we done? 276 quarts! Yeah US! We are going to stop now. Not because we think we have enough, not because the cucumbers quit growing, not because we are totally sick of each other....LOL
No seriously we are going to stop now because we are not producing enough of the other ingredients to be cost efficient.....LOL
I am going to miss our little relish making nights. I have really loved, and looked forward to spending time with Amanda, and Courtney. I mean I love the rest of yall too...LOL! But the three of us together working on a project was really nice. I don't think nice is the right word....more awesome then nice...but awesome is such a cheap word...anyway you get the picture.
A couple of little things I learned about making relish is this. You can't use the cucumbers from the store. They have been waxed. Unless you get the organic ones for pickling. I really saw some at Winn Dixie, they were $1.59 a pound. You can never seem to have enough jars on hand...LOL A food chopper is your very best friend...LOL Last but not least the food chopping measurements are not an exact science. What I mean is close is good enough...LOL
Now for the recipe:
Kirkland Sweet Cucumber Relish
4 quarts of chopped cucumbers
4 quarts of chopped onions
2 quarts of peppers (mix of red, green, yellow, and orange)
3oz. Pickling spice
Cheese cloth
4 cups Apple cider vinegar (store brand)
7 cups Sugar

Chop veggies with a food processor. Use the cheese cloth to make a spice bag with the pickling spices. After you chop everything mix it together, and squeeze the juice out with your hands before you put in the pan to cook. (We call this making cucumber meatball) You bring the vinegar, and sugar to a boil, then add the cucumber meatballs, and spice ball. You bring that to a boil, and cook for 30 minutes. Stir a lot, so it doesn’t stick, or burn.
Get your jars ready, and the lids on. Fill hot jars; wipe the rims, and put hot lids and rings on. Cover. They will seal themselves.
***Some like their relish with a lot of broth, some like it with more relish and just a smidgen of broth. It doesn’t matter. When we do it whoever does the filling of the jars does it however they want. We use a strainer scoop, a ladle, and a funnel to fill the jars.

Note to self: take pictures of the process, and of ourselves making it...DUH!! I swear I'll never learn.

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gigi said...

Oh my gosh!!! 276? Really??

I picked a 5 gallon bucket from there today. Both Amanda and Courtney called and asked me to come please pick some cucks. I always say "I'd love too."
Thanks Kirkland family!