Thursday, June 3, 2010

Potatoes Vs. The Village....canning potatoes round 2

You have already seen pictures of the potatoes, now for pictures of the village...LOL
We have Papa Farrell...he is a cutter, washer, and 'the funny man'....well some don't find him funny, but I do. Only because his 'funniness' isn't directed at me.... My 'King' Chris...He is a hauler, washer, cutter, chicken baker, jack of all trades so to speak....He was also very cranky. He didn't find Papa's 'funniness' funny....LOL
This is Amanda she is a filler in of all trades. She refers to this as moving laterally....I call her the food Nazi, or the inspector....She checks everyones work, lets us know what we need to do to improve, and then follows it up with your doin' a great job don't quit. All while smiling her bless your heart smile.....I just love her...

This is Courtney....She is best at washing jars, filling jars, changing pots,...I think she just likes all the jobs that require clean hands....(she's lucky, but we all can't be jar people...LOL)
This is Josh....He thinks of himself as our fearless leader...we think of him as the guy who gives orders alot....LOL Just kidding while he is giving orders and checking on progress he fills in where needed. He is really great at moving us along at the fastest pace possible...At any given random time you can hear him say 'shake n bake people'....every time he says it I think 'boy I do love shake n bake'....LOL Yes, sometimes it's distracting...LOL

NOBODY took any pictures of me. I guess they were all to busy or something....LOL I did want to share one hands have never looked grosser a day in my life then they do right now. They are so potato stained, it's disgusting.....I also didn't get any pictures of Pat with her wrapped arm...

All in all it was a great couple of days...the potatoes put up a really great fight, but in the end the village won. I have some fun potato facts I learned on the Internet: Every quart jar holds 2.5-3 lbs of potatoes. With that being said I will give some facts on how we beat the potatoes.....
We had 428 quart jars filled with potatoes.
That is 1070-1284 lbs of potatoes which is half a ton of potatoes.
It took almost 36 cases of jars, 3 lbs. of salt, alot of water, and a whole small village.
P.S. If I have forgot anything I'm sorry! I am so tired, and up really early. Just leave me a comment. I'll edit...LOL

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gigi said...

I LOVE that yall are my family! You are such Village People!!
I love that you are now doing the gardening, canning thing! You go girl!