Saturday, January 30, 2010

Michael Buble....I'm so torn

Well you know I saw Michael Buble at the beginning of 2008. I have missed him so bad since then. I thought we were on the same page. I was so excited about his new CD 'Crazy Love'. I love the CD. I over looked that I didn't fall head over feet for every song, but there are a couple on there that are my new favorite list. Which goes to show that yet again he gets me.

If you haven't heard it run, don't walk, run out and get it.

Just let me set the record straight the first released song was totally about me (Haven't Met You Yet) LOL

Then Michael put out his tour dates. Boo Hoo! He wasn't going to even come close to me. Whatever! Has I was trying to forgive him, I open up the Daily Buble to this...

Michael is engaged to Luisana Lopilato. The engagement has been confirmed by his publicist Liz Rosenberg who stated "Michael proposed to his girlfriend, Luisana, in November, in front of her family in Argentina." "They're ecstatic. They're adorable, in love and laugh all day long."

Yeah well keep laughing all day long...whatever!!


Seriously.....I'm very happy for them. I mean I'm married to the King. What more could a girl ask for.

So just as I forgave Michael I get an email from him...Okay it wasn't really from HIM. It was from the fan site...

He has released some new tour dates...He's coming here...can you believe it. I knew he loved me. He's coming on July 11th. I mean I'm sure it was as close to my birthday has he can arrange. I mean he is busy with his new album, touring, being engaged, BUT I'm sure I'm right at the top of his list.

So I must must must see him. I must get the best tickets possible.

I'm so sorry Michael for having second guessed our love.....

Maybe I'm not so torn after all....

Who are you dying to see? or who have you seen that made you feel 'Crazy Love'?


Anonymous said...

Your obsession is frightening.. Haha. I am goin to see Daniel Johnston in the spring. Google him and his music if you aren't familiar. It's an acquired taste but his lyrics are amazing. Check out the documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston.

L Scott Pishko

gigi said...

Oh, I so love you for thinking about me!!!!!!! I've got the date circled in red!!!!!! I can not wait!